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SAF-HOLLAND_mechanically-hydraulically driven trailer axle_english
Press Release
New trailer axle with its own drive
SAF-HOLLAND expands its product range to include low-maintenance
traction help
SAF-HOLLAND brings a new traction help on the market for tippers, timber
transports, and sliding floor trailers: The mechanically-hydraulically driven
trailer axle supports the tractor unit with its own drive on inclines, after or
when tipping, and on difficult terrain. The mere 200 kg starting aid requires
little maintenance and can be easily retrofitted.
A new mechanically-hydraulically driven axle extends the product range of
SAF-HOLLAND. Via a switch in the cab, the driver can simply activate the
traction help at idle. It assists vehicles that primarily go off-road, up to speeds of
5 km/h when starting from the parked position. “Especially on inclines, when you
have to start under load or under difficult, muddy conditions, this extra drive pays
off on a daily basis,” says Project Manager Armin Christ.
If the tractor unit drives faster than 5 km/h, the system switches to freewheel and
the drive is then disabled. An automatic engine shutdown also occurs as soon as
the driver engages the clutch or applies the brakes. This shutdown avoids
revolving parts while driving so that no additional rolling resistance arises
whereby valuable energy is lost.
Extreme lightweight
SAF-HOLLAND's new drive unit can be mounted in any rigid, disk-braked
standard TYPE BI9-19/22" axle with steel rims. It can be retrofitted without much
effort, and the tractor units used here must not be elaborately converted as well.
At just 200 kg, the new unit is extremely lightweight and one of the lightest
traction help systems on the market. The mechanically-hydraulically driven axle is
robust and not susceptible to dirt that off-road vehicles come in contact daily in
open terrain or on construction sites. The advantage is: Tippers, timber
transporters and sliding floor trailers work reliably without requiring additional
costly maintenance work and expensive repairs.
Market launch in 2015
The traction help receives the necessary driving force by “tapping” the tractor
vehicle's own hydraulic system. Two hydraulic circuits not only power the tipping
system but the drive as well. An especially developed control block for this
application, where all solenoid valves and pressure sensors are already
integrated, controls the hydraulics. “At the moment, we are still determining the
future market segments for the newly developed axis. For about a year we have
been testing a first preliminary series. The market launch is planned for spring
2015,” explains Dr. Stefan Wallmeier, Vice President Engineering.
With its new, mechanically-hydraulically driven axle, SAF-HOLLAND gives tippers
and company a jump-start: Extremely lightweight and inexpensive, robust and
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low-maintenance, our comfortable drive system supports lorries in their daily work
in steep terrain or on difficult ground.
This mechanically-hydraulically driven axle can be seen at SAF-HOLLAND's
partner, Carnehl Fahrzeugbau Pattensen GmbH & Co. KG, in Hall 27, Booth C12
at this year's International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany.
Company profile
With about 860 million Euros in sales in 2013 and more than 3,000 employees, SAFHOLLAND S. A. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium product systems and
components primarily for trailers as well as trucks, buses and camping vehicles. Its
product range encompasses, among other things, trailer axle systems and suspension
systems, clutches, kingpins, and landing gear. SAF-HOLLAND sells products on six
continents to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) on the original equipment market
and the aftermarket to the original equipment manufacturer's service networks (“OES”) of
the OEMs and via a global sales and service network. SAF-HOLLAND redistributes its
products to end users and service centres via this network. SAF-HOLLAND has thereby
established itself as one of the few manufacturers in its sector that is internationally
positioned with an extensive product range and a broad service network. SAF-HOLLAND
S. A. is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is one of the
values listed on the SDAX (ISIN: LU0307018795).

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