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Klínovec, the highest peak of the Ore Mountains, became a popular trip destination in
the early 19th century. In the 1870s, Richard Dotzauer founded the Central Committee
to Support the Gainful Activities of the Residents of the Czech Ore Mountain Lands. In
1882, the municipality of Jáchymov approved the cost-free use of the site for the building
of an observation tower. In 1884, a 17m high octagonal observation tower was built at
the top. It was named the Emperor Franz Joseph Observation Tower and consecrated
and commissioned in a ceremony of 3 August 1884. In 1893, an additional building
made of stone was erected, comprising an inn and an apartment for a tower guard.
A post office was established at the top of Klínovec in 1897 and a leased line was
installed in 1906. In 1900, a spacious hall was built and named Dotzauer Hall in honour
of the promoter of Ore Mountains tourism. Another extension comprised a kitchen on the
ground floor and nine guest rooms on the floor above.
To celebrate the 60 years of Emperor Franz Joseph's reign, J.R. Sobitschka
encouraged a Jubilee Exhibition to be held right at the top of Klínovec in order to present
the products and artwork made by the residents of the Bohemian side of the Ore
Mountains. As a result an exhibition hall with a magnificent coffered ceiling was built in
1907. The twenty-six coffers feature the coats of arms of the mountain towns on the
Bohemian side of the Ore Mountains. The exhibition opened on 1 June 1908 to much
acclaim and was visited by 40,000 visitors and celebrities. In 1918, the exhibition hall
was named Sobitschka Hall.
In 1912-1913, the accommodation facilities were extended to host up to 80 guests,
giving rise to a hotel compound with an observation tower. In 1919, some repair work
was required on the observation tower, and in 1929 the hotel was extended even further, providing accommodation to 112 guests. The hotel
comprised three large halls: Dotzauer Hall, Sobitschka Hall (originally the Jubilee Hall), and Müller Hall (named after the long-standing chairman of
the Ore Mountains Association in Jáchymov).
During World War II, the hotel served the army. When the war ended, specifically between 1951-1960, it was once again operated by the army as
a military holiday resort. However, the property lacked due maintenance. In the 1970s, the tower stonework received a stabilizing concrete coat
(shotcrete coat). This technical solution, however, only accelerated the gradual disintegration of the stonework. In 1990, the whole site was
transferred under the ownership of the municipality of Jáchymov that sold it to a private owner only one year later, in 1991. The new owner resold the
property again, leaving it in the state of ongoing dilapidation.
The last owner offered the entire site for sale to the municipality of Boží Dar. On 7 August 2003, the town council of Boží Dar approved the purchase of
the hotel and the observation tower by Služby Boží Dar s.r.o., a service company
under complete control of the town that was then commissioned to renovate the site.
In 2004, the renovation of the staircase and the roof was launched; however, shortly
after the beginning it was found out that the stonework had disintegrated beyond
Due to this adverse development the tower was repurchased in 2009 by the
municipality of Boží Dar from the company Služby Boží Dar s.r.o. in order to do carry
out major reconstruction. This was only possible thanks to the "Programme CÍL 3/
ZIEL 3 to support cross-border cooperation 2007-2013 between the Czech Republic
and the Free State of Saxony". The municipality of Boží Dar implemented two
projects. The first project involved the complete reconstruction of the tower, while the
second one consisted of the reconstruction of the access road leading to Klínovec,
including the provision of underground services. The contractors were selected
through a tender. The reconstruction of the observation tower was implemented by
the building contractor Chládek & Tintěra a.s. Litoměřice. The reconstruction plan for
the access road along with the underground services was implemented by
Vodohospodářské stavby s.r.o. Teplice. Despite the harsh mountain climatic
conditions, both companies proved their worth and completed the construction
works between June 2012 and October 2013. The total reconstruction cost of the
Klínovec observation tower amounted to over CZK 15 million and the total cost of
road reconstruction and underground services combined amounted to over CZK 55
million. The costs were covered out of 85% by an EU grant, out of 5% by a grant from
the Czech national budget, and out of 10% by the town of Boží Dar. We present these
data in order to express our appreciation of the assistance provided by the European
Union and the Czech Republic and, in particular, the generous attitude shown by
Boží Dar, a small town in the Ore Mountains.
KLÍNOVEC 1 244 m
Infocentrum, 362 62 Boží Dar 1
e.mail: [email protected], [email protected],
tel: + 420 359 571 007, mob: + 420 603 539 020,,,
Europäische Union. Europäischer Fond für
regionale Entwicklung: Investition in Ihre
Zukunft / Evropská unie. Evropský fond pro
regionální rozvoj: Investice do vaší budoucnosti

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