How BreakAlube works Security build-in: Diagnosis



How BreakAlube works Security build-in: Diagnosis
How BreakAlube works
Experiences with hydraulic hammers shos that 60 seconds is needed in
order to offer the maximum dose of grease. That is why BreakAlube
will automaticly start a greasing cycle, after the hydraulic hammer has
been operating for 60 seconds, in which the preset amount of grease is
discharged at the hydraulic hammer greasing point. The grease quantity,
0.2 cc minimum to 4.0 cc maximum per greasing cycle, can be set in the
Digital Control Unit. The quantity will be both highly accurate and constant,
regardless of the grease temperature or viscosity. This is achieved by
measuring the number of pump element strokes.
A warning light in the cab will alert the operator when grease is low, the
reservoir empty, or when a system error occurs. BreakAlube also allows
automatic hammer deactivation as soon as proper greasing is no longer
warranted (activation upon request).
Security build-in:
To prevent damages to the hydraulic hammer or BreakAlube, the system
features important standard built-in safety provisions.
• BreakAlube will only grease when the hydraulic hammer is in operation.
Greasing an inoperative hammer may cause damage in certain situations
when the hammer is activated.
• BreakAlube cannot build up sufficient pressure in the discharge
line when the grease reservoir is empty or when an external line is
damaged. In that case, a pressure switch will automatically switch off
the pump.
• If the pressure in the grease pump runs too high, e.g. because the
hydraulic hammer is not connected, a built-in safety valve will ensure
that the grease is pumped back into the reservoir Eventually, the
pump will also switch off automatically.
• Whenever an error or failure occurs, a warning light will alert the
• Optionally, switches off the hammer should proper greasing
not be guaranteed.
The Digital Control Unit features a memory to store parameter
settings and operational data. The greasing settings can be
changed with a GINA handheld computer, which also allows
you to read out the memory for diagnostic purposes. Pressing
the BreakAlube test button for several seconds allows the
operator to check the cause of any current error during work. The
cause of the error is shown by the flashing warning light in the cab.
•Heavy-duty tempered pump
element for long life
•Heavy-duty eccentric drive axle
• Under-pressure and overpressure detection with
warning signal
• Grease reservoir with springoperated follower plate
• Low grease and empty
reservoir warning
• Automatic hydraulic hammer
switch-off, to be activated
upon request
Digital Control Unit
Higher operational safety
BreakAlube features a Digital Control Unit that ensures
technically correct and safe completion of the greasing
No standstill and repairs due to insufficient or irregular
Less greasing costs
he timer function will start the greasing cycle
after every 60 seconds of operation of the hydraulic
• Monitors the discharged quantities of grease and the
working pressure in the system.
• Monitors the integrated overpressure valve.
• Alerts the operator to system errors and low grease.
(blinking light). When the grease reservoir is
completely empty, the light will be on continuously.
• Optionally, switches off the hammer should proper
greasing not be guaranteed.
• Diagnosis function
Less wear
Grease reduces wear of moving parts and effectively
combats moist, dirt and corrosion.
T e chn i cal
s p e c i f i cat i ons
Grease types: up to NLGI Class 2
Grease output per cycle: 0.2 - 4.0 cc
Maximum working pressure: 275 bar
Operating voltage: 24 Vdc
Current draw: 2A
Grease reservoir: 3 litres
Thanks to greasing during operation and accurate
(temperature-independent) grease dosage, the grease
consumption will on average increase by 50 percent.
Additionally, the grease can be purchased in larger
amounts (drums instead of cartridges) and is therefore
Less environmental impact
Lower grease consumption means fewer pollutants in the
environment. The closed construction and the reservoir
with a follower plate make the Twin particularly suitable
for biologically degradable grease types.
of wrecking
When the going gets tough
BreakAlube is specifically designed as an automatic greasing system for
hydraulic hammers. BreakAlube offers excellent operational reliability
under the toughest working conditions.
The vital pump parts, including pump element and drive axle bearings, are
extremely strong and can build up working pressures up to no less than 275 bar.
BreakAlube can be used with greases up to NLGI Class 2 including additives such
as graphite and copper.
Durability from within!
With over 40 years experience, Groeneveld is a market-oriented company that is
continuously responsive to demand and supply. One of these questions is about
sustainability and the future with fewer environmental concerns. With certainty our
products and solutions will contribute to an optimum efficiency for our customers, such
as lower fuel consumption, minimum waste of lubricants, less damage and downtime.
All this contributes to a better environment.
Groeneveld not only provides solutions for efficiency, but sets for itself also high
demands on the internal organization. Groeneveld aims to optimize all business
processes such as energy-efficient applications, the use of fully recyclable materials,
waste management, education and training of staff.
Groeneveld Group 9001 certified - Groeneveld Italy 14001
Your efficiency is our challenge!
Active security system
Heavy duty greasing systems
Oil level management
Greensight is a modular, active
security system that can be
composed of ultrasonic sensors,
a full-color monitor, an incab
display, a smart alarm and various
cameras. Greensight helps you
prevent damage and personal injury.
Greensight can be applied in many
ways in trucks, busses, garbage
trucks, trains, off-road material,
wharf cranes, etc. Greensight is the
ultimate solution in areas with a
high risk of injury or damage.
Groeneveld has developed the
TWIN heavy duty greasing system
especially for the toughest
operating conditions. Twin is a twopipe system that is often applied
to off-road equipment and other
vehicles or machines that usually
operate under tough conditions. A
TWIN heavy duty greasing system
protects throughout the service
life. It is a one-off investment that
amply pays back itself through
lower operating costs and greater
availability of the equipment.
Oilmaster reduces the need
for manually checking the oil
level and topping up between
surface intervals. This innovative
product guarantees carefree
oil management with reduced
maintenance costs, oil consumption,
time loss and environmental impact,
and constant oil quality. Oilmaster is
used in the transport and
off-road sectors and in stationary
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