Karel Červenka - Czech Industry for ITER



Karel Červenka - Czech Industry for ITER
Czech Industry for ITER
Presentation prepared for 2013 Annual Meeting
„Czech Industry for ITER“
Karel Červenka, Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO)
EUPRO II, LE11012, Ministry of Education
Date : September 25th, 2013, venue TIC CKD Praha
Database of Czech companies
• Currently, the database CZECH FOR ITER
contains over 50 companies and
organizations from the Czech Republic
• CZECH FOR ITER members are regularly
informed of the progress of the ITER
construction, F4E Call for Tenders and and
announcement of the tender results
• www.czechforiter.cz pages are in Czech and
English version
• Czech version provides and updates
information on the European part of the ITER
• English version gives the possibility of
interactive access to the website of Czech
companies and organizations
SOFT 2012 - Liege
• Highlights from SOFT 2012 - Liege
• F4E communicates the latest on components,
procurement and business opportunities.
Procurement strategy F4E
• 12 November 2012
• F4E presents its new procurement strategy for the
supply of the Poloidal Field coils
Business opportunities UK
• 13 November 2012
• UK companies learn more about F4E business
• F4E tells UK companies about the procurement
process and procurement opportunities that are
arising from the construction of ITER.
Project Team IPT - ITER Blanket
• 2 December 2012
• F4E hosts the Blanket Integrated Project
Team Meeting
• The Blanket Integrated Project Team (IPT)
quarterly meeting enabled work to advance
successfully on the ITER Blanket project.
2013 ITER Business Forum Toulon, March 2013
• 750 participants from at least 350 companies based in 26
countries. 48 hours full of thematic sessions, networking and
business meetings.
Poland Industry
• 10 April 2013
• Poland’s industry and SMEs declare a strong interest in ITER
• F4E and Poland’s ILO highlight ITER business opportunities
and economic benefits.
11th ISFNT Barcelona
• Major international fusion technology conference held in
• 11th ISFNT between 16-20 September 2013
• ISFNT-11: F4E publishes presentations given at last ISFNT.
Monaco ITER International Fusion Energy Days
2013 --- www.miifed2013.org
• ITER Organization Communication department
• Email: [email protected]
F4E Procurement
• Contracts are awarded according to EU public
tender procedures which will take one of the
following forms:
• open procedure,
• restricted procedure,
• negotiated procedure, and
• competitive dialogue.
F4E Procurement – Open procedure
All economic operators are invited to submit a tender.
Tenders are evaluated on the basis of the criteria
published in the contract notice.
F4E Procurement - Two stages restricted
• Stage one:
• Call for expression of interest.
• Companies are shortlisted based upon technical
and financial capabilities of the market survey.
• Stage two:
• Only pre-selected candidates are invited to submit
their tender.
• Tenders are evaluated on the basis of the criteria
published in the contract notice.
F4E procurement - Negotiated procedure:
Negotiated procedure can be used for the award of the
contracts having a value of less than or equal to
250.000 Euro and in the exceptional cases defined in
Article 100 of F4E Implementing rules.
F4E Procurement – Competitive dialogue
• F4E can launch such procedure in
collaboration with industry, when it is not
possible to define the appropriate technical
means or solutions to meet the F4E
F4E Market Survey
publishes a
market survey
before the launch
of the Call
F4E Industry and Associations Portal
• F4E’s new Industry Portal has been since June
2012 available
• New portal is the entry point for companies and
associations who want to answer F4E Calls for
• The portal also offers increased networking
opportunities among industry and the opportunity
to search relevant business partners or subcontractors
Industry and Associations Portal
Czech participation at ITER project
Nuclear Physics Insitiute ASCR, Rez
Institute of Applied Mechanics, Brno
Centrum výzkumu, Rez
Association EURATOM-IPP.CR
Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR
ATEKO, Hradec Králové
Nuclear Physics Insitiute ASCR, Rez
• NPI Cyclotron-based Irradiation Facility member of IFMIF broader-approach
• The neutron irradiation stations at NPI were
developed within the EU program
of obtaining and benchmarking nuclear data
relevant to the fusion technologies
Nuclear Physics Insitiute ASCR, Rez
Institute of Applied Mechanics, Brno
• IAM develops and improves methodologies for
prediction of big welded construction
• All methods are verified by real
experimental measurements.
Institute of Applied Mechanics, Brno
• ...more than 8 years of
experiences lead to solution
of numerical welding
analyses of whole Vacuum
Vessel fabrication
Centrum výzkumu REZ, Ltd. – Vacuum Vessel
• RCR tests both in-pile and out-of-pile VV
components for long-run cyclic thermal fatigue
• Beryllium coated Primary First Wall qualification
mock-ups are tested up to 0.625 MW/m2 and
0.6 dpa
Centrum výzkumu REZ, Ltd. – Vacuum Vessel
• Six mock-ups successfully tested, with more
than 3000 full-power operation hours on BESTH
• Two successful out-of-pile tests of TW3
irradiation rig, prepared for inserting into LVR-15
research reactor
• Testing Primary First Wall mock-ups with high
heat flux load for future fusion applications.
ATEKO Hradec Králové - Turbo Circulators
• ATEKO a.s. Hradec Kralove - Czech Republic (www.ateko.cz)
developed and delivered
• Four sets of Helium Turbo Circulators (TC) for cooling & testing
of the TBM / TDM modulus.
• Basic parameters of the helium TC EFDA:
• Inlet/Outlet pressure
8 / 10.14
• Flow-rate
1 / 1.4
• Impeller diameter [mm]
• Speed
40 000
• Power
ATEKO Hradec Králové - Turbo Circulators
Opportunities 2013
• F4E-OPE-319
High Heat Flux Test Facility for In-vessel
• F4E-OMF-331 Multiple Framework contracts for
Engineering Services in the area of TBM
• F4E-OFC-358
Radiation Testing Services for ITER
Prototype Components and Systems
• F4E-FPA- 372 “R&D experimental activities in support of the
conceptual and preliminary design of the European Test
Blanket Systems”,
• F4E-FPA-380 Activities of Support of the Conceptual and
Preliminary Design of the European Test Blanket Systems
Opportunities 2013-2018
Divertor Remote Handling Equipment
Plug and Cask Systems
Viewing/Metrology Systems
Neutral Beam Remote Handling Eq.
Hot Cell Maintenance Eq.
Vacuum Vessel Assembly Welding
Blanket Firs Wall (EU share)
Divertor Cassette Body
Divertor Cassette Integration
Divertor Inner Target
Radial Plate (EU share)
Toroidal Field Magnets Assembly
27 different buildings
EC Radio Frequency Power Sources
EC Power Supply
NB Power Supply
Hardware, software, systems
F4E Industry and Associations Portal
• F4E Industry Portal - Tutorial 1
• General introduction to F4E Industry &
Associations Portal
• Všeobecný úvod k portálu
F4E Industry and Associations Portal
• F4E Industry Portal - Tutorial 2
• How to manage your account?
F4E Industry and Associations Portal
• F4E Industry Portal - Tutorial 3
• How to pre-qualify your company?
F4E Industry and Associations Portal
• F4E Industry Portal - Tutorial 4
• How to find out about F4E calls?
F4E Industry and Associations Portal
F4E Industry Portal - Tutorial 5
• How to look for business partners?
Magnets (1/2)
•PF Coils
Vyhodnoceno a podepsáno 13.08.2013:
ASG Superconductors –
•Probíhá: Winding Tooling 1 [OPE-463](Uzávěrka 23.09.2013)
•Připravuje se vypsání soutěží CFT:
- Site & infrastructure Manager: v únoru 2014
- Additional tooling: v březnu 2014
- Impregnation tooling: v březnu 2014
- Manufacturing: v červnu 2014
- Cold test: v červenci 2014
Magnets (2/2)
•TF Coils
Právě probíhá: TF Coils Insertion
K podpisu má být připraveno Q3 2013
In Vessel Components
•Vyhodnocuje se: [OMF-444] Divertor Cassette bodies (ke schválení
v září 2013)
•Připravuje se: Cassette assembly (brzy proběhne průzkum
evropského trhu)
•First Wall:
Vyhodnoceno: [OPE-319] HHF test facility for IVC.
•Probíhá vyhodnocení: [OPE-489] - Dodávka plátů z CuCrZr plates;
a prototyp ve skutečném rozměru (probíhá jednání s dodavateli)
•Připravuje se: grant on characterisation of plates (vypsání v říjnu
Remote Handling
•- Divertor RHS [OMF-340-1]. Probíhá vyhodnocování tendrů
s vyhlášením výsledků 01/2014.
• Cask & Plug RHS [OMF-340-2]. Vyhodnocování požadavků na
účast v dialogu právě probíhá. Zahájení dialogu se předpokládá
• Neutral Beam RHS (OMF-340-3). Dokončeno vyhodnocování
požadavků na účast v dialogu . Zahájení dialogu 09/2013.
• In-Vessel Viewing System (OMF-383). Vyhodnocování požadavků
na účast právě probíhá . Vyzvání k dialogu se předpokládá
Cryo and Fuel Cycle
Vyhodnocuje se: [OPE-376] (probíhají jednání).
Tritium Plant
• WDS tanks [OPE-500] to ENSA S.A – 2.1M€ - Dodací lhůta 20
• Preliminary design of main WDS [OPE-421] to KraftanlagenHeidelberg – 2M€
•Vacuum pumping
•Připravuje se:
•supply of warm regeneration lines (začátek roku 2014)
TBM, Materials, Engineering Support
TBM & Materials
• Připravuje se:
Průzkum evropského trhu - materiálEUROFER
Engineering Support
• Probíhá: [OFC-413] post-irradiation material characterization.
[OMF-466] provision of nuclear analysis. [OMF-508] Engineering
support in electromagnetic & electromechanical analysis
• Připravuje se: [OMF-503] provision of seismic, dynamic, and
structural analyses of ITER buildings and mechanical
• Připravuje se: [OPE-468] provision of metrology support services.
Neutral Beam and EC Power Supplies
•Vyhodnocuje se:
•[OPE-054] Electron Cyclotron HV Power Supplies
•Probíhá vyhodnocování:
• superconducting magnet for gyrotron [OPE-299]
•Připravuje se:
•[OPE-278] AGPS (vyhlášení tendru: Q4 2013); probíhají
průmyslové konzultace a návštěvy k získání technických podkladů
pro harmonogram a náklady.
Neutral Beam Test Facility
NBTF [Mitica/Prima/Spider]
• [OPE-454]: EC-Power Supply: vyhodnocuje se
• [OPE-299]: Superconducting magnet : vyhodnocuje se
• [OPE-520]: MITICA Vessel: vypsání tendru 10/2013.
• [OPE-307]: MITICA Cryoplant: vypsání tendru Q1 2014
• [OPE-278]: AGPS-GRPS: vypsání tendru 10/2013.
• [OPE-396]: SPIDER HVD dodá COELME SpA, 2.8M€ lhůta 4 roky
Diagnostics [bolometers, infrared tech, optical, reflectometers, dust
measurement etc.] :
Vyhodnocuje se:
[OFC-433] Port Integration (target award: early 2014);
[OPE-449] Prototype LTCC (Low Temperature co-fired ceramic) pick-up coils.
Probíhá: [FPA-409] Core-plasma LIDAR Thomson scattering diagnostic. [GRT-519]
ITER plasma magnetic control.
Vyhodnocuje se: [FPA-408-CXRS] Core-plasma charge exchange recombination
spectrometer; [FPA-384] bolometers;
Vyhodnoceno: [FPA-407] equatorial visible/IR wide-angle viewing system (WAVS),
to CEA / Ciemat / Bertin Technologies. [FPA-393] core-plasma Thomson
scattering system;
Buildings (and site adaptation)
TB02-Lift and cranes [OPE-285] : Podepsáno (27/06/2013) s NKM
Noel special cranes.
TB03-Nuclear tokamak building/assembly hall/doors [OPE-286]:
Podepsáno s with VFR consortium.
TB04- Mechanical & Electrical System [OPE-301]:
Podepsáno s GDF-Suez consortium.
TB05- Design & Build package [OPE-378]: Podepsáno s Ferrovial
Agroman SA.
Buildings (and site adaptation)
TB06- HV electrical Power distribution [OPE-428]:
Připravuje se vypsání tendru.
TB07-Design &Build package [OPE-429]:
Uděleno pro Ferrovial Agroman SA (Spain).
TB08-site infrastructure [OPE-374]: podepsáno.
General strategy presentation update: October
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