on Saturday 19.July 2014, in Germany, Greppin/Roitzsch b. Bitterfeld
organized by
KCHCHADP with a technical support of Windhund Rennverein Greppin e.V.
Friendly Cup Whippets - 365 m: weight classes whippet females - S, M, L, XL, whippet
males – S, M, L, XL. Whippets will be weighted on place and dividend equally in the
weight classes. Whippets seniors – 270 m, weight classes by the number of entries.
Friendly Cup Greyhounds: 490 m
Italian Greyhounds: 365 m: weight classes, the dogs will be weighted on place and
divide equally in the weiggt classes.
Other breeds – sample run.
Prizes for all „A“ Finalists.
Big thanks to WRV Greppin e.V. and the sponzors of the race day:
Renáta Mildner, DG DogGear - www.dgdoggear.com, www.prochrty.cz
Veterinary clinic ABC, Praha - www.veterinaabc.cz
Jana Rajmanová, Canino, Praha - www.canino.cz
FRIENDLY CUP, SATURDAY 19.7.2014 in Germany, Greppin
Closing entries: Monday 14. July 2014 at 22 h
The entry data: Dog: breed, name, category, sex, date of birth, kennel club (Studbook) number, race
licence number, tatoo or microchip number, (widerunner), in whippets and italians please also the
weight. Owner: name and surname, address, phone, email. Entries please mail to:
[email protected] In a written form: MVDr. Kateřina Tandlerová, Veterinární klinika ABC,
Koněvova 210, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic. Online entry you find on www.greywhippet.cz. Info:
+420 77 65 68 565 (Czech or German language).
Organizer: KCHCHADP, FCI member via CMKU
Racetrack: Windhund Rennverein Greppin e.V., Paul-Schiebel-Str.57, D-06809 Roitzsch b.Bitterfeld,
GPS: N 51.59432° E 12:28113°, www.wrv-greppin.de
Track: sand, UU oval, radius 51/51 m, outside endless lure, 270 m / 365 m / 490 m,
videotimerecording system Imhof.
Modus: By time: 6 fastest dogs into A Final. Dogs run 2 preliminary heats. If there are less than 6
dogs they run only 1 heat. For greyhounds is the second heat facultative.
Type of the race: Special racing for whippets (weight cathegories) and for greyhounds, italian
greyhounds – weight cathegories, other breeds – guests – sample runs
Conditions of participation: Race licence. In the dogs who don´t have a licence yet (e.g. because of
the age) but have proven they can run with other dogs, don´t hesitate to ask and get more
information via e-mail.
Entry fees: 350 CZK / 13 Euro per dog. ADP Club members 300 CZK / 11 Euro. Advertisement in a
catalogue: A4 – 540 CZK / 20 Euro. 1/2 A4 – 270 CZK / 10 Euro.
Regulations: FCI Regulations. The muzzle for Italian Greyhounds is optional. All kinds of doping are
Prizes and sponsor prizes: for all “A Finalists”.
Veterinary conditions: All participants must be healthy. The dogs must to have valid veterinary
booklet or pet-passport with recorded and valid rabies vaccination. All of the dogs have to pass the
veterinary inspection before the start. Females in heat and injured dogs cannot participate.
Responsibility disclaimer: Neither the organizer, nor the officials are responsible for injuries incurred
by the dog owners, the dogs or the officials. Likewise they accept no responsibility in case of escaped
dogs. The owner of a dog is not responsible if his dog intres another dog during a race. In all other
cases the dog owner has the full responsibility for the dog.
Programme: 8.00 – 9.30 veterinary inspection, checks, 10:15 race begin, 13:00 – 14:30 training
organized by Windhund Rennverein Greppin e.V./break, 15.00 final races, at the end of the race day
after the final races will be ceremony.
Race director: Robert Lerche
Staffing: administration: ing. Lucie Skoumalová, Jana Rajmanová, judges: Hana JandlováBierhanslová, ing. Markéta Kalousková, Veronika Frolíková, Helena Stohanzlová
Veterinary control: MVDr. Kateřina Tandlerová
Technical staff, cafeteria: WRV Greppin, e.V.
Camping and training: WRV Greppin, e.V., info at www.wrv-greppin.de