Insect screen mesh Dubai



Insect screen mesh Dubai
The benefits of powder coated aluminium
In the harsh UAE environment, normal metal based products can be prone to rusting. While
metals such as steel and aluminium are excellent cost effective construction materials, they
need an outer protective coating to stop this rusting. Powder coating is a safe and
environmentally friendly dry finish that stops the coated metal from corroding and rusting.
The finished product requires no maintenance and gives decades of worry free performance.
All Safety Screens and frames are manufactured from powder coated
aluminium to stop this rust and corrosion.
How does powder coating work?
The final finish of a powder coated piece of metal looks like a traditional paint finish but is
actually a dry paint process. Finely ground particles of paint powder are electrically sprayed
onto the surface of the metal to be painted. An electrical charge is run through the metal and
the powder heats up and bonds with the metal surface. This results in a durable, smooth and
quality finish that not only protects the metal, but looks great too. Powder coating can be
done in a wide variety of colours so villa owners can perfectly match any aluminium profile
with their existing home colour scheme.
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Advantages of powder coating
There are many advantages to powder coating which is used on our aluminium fly screen and
security screen frames here in Dubai. These include the following:
Powder coating results in a much thicker and denser protective painted finish than traditional
paintingproviding a longer life.
It is more durable than traditional wet coated paint as the bonding is stronger.
Environmentally friendly as the powder does not contain any solvents like traditional wet
Cost effective as it is more efficient to manufacture and apply.
Maintenance free as no special cleaning of the metal surface is required. With aluminium
powder coating finishes it can simply be wiped down as required to keep it clean and looking
Available in a large variety of colours. In the UAE the Jotun range of colours are the most
commonly used powder and match most villas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE.
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Disadvantages of powder coating
Can be difficult to touch up if damaged. Due to the high quality and thickness of the powder
paint, a painted repair can be tricky to perform.
Can be difficult to achieve a thin coat.
Takes time as the application must be complete within a dedicated powder coating facility.
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Applications in the UAE
Powder coated aluminium and metals are widely used across the middle east. Most metal
work used in the construction industry is protected by powder coating due to its durability. It
provides a hard finish that provides a good level of protection against scratching, fading and
general wear and tear. The wide variety of colour options available also contribute to its
popularity in the residential home villa market as each customer can select their preferred
finish colour.
In conclusion, powder coating of aluminium is considered the best all round method of
protecting our fly and safety screen frames. They remain looking great even when exposed to
harsh UV rays for decades and require very little maintenance. Easy to clean and durable
there is no better solution to your security screens or fly screens in the UAE.

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