Khamoro festival in Prague


Khamoro festival in Prague
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Roma festival Khamoro
From 29.5 to 31. 5. 2015 children visited Prague Khamoro festival, which regularly offers a unique
concert of gypsy bands and exhibition of culture from around the world, film screenings, dance
workshops, seminars and conferences.
This year, this event was also attended by children from the educational team, children and youth from
3 centers for children and youths Hrušov, Liščina, Zárubek, from the kids club in Horni Sucha, family
of Natalka Siváková who was burnt during an arson attack in Vitkov.
Most kids have never even to Prague on a similar festival so for them it was a great experience to get
to know the history of Prague, new experience, friends, inspiration, support, and they could be proud
of their Roma identity and culture. Since it was an adventure, but a costly trip, participants from
among our clients were selected on the basis of merit (good marks in school, regular attendance at the
centers Hrušov Liščina, Zárubek, for their help in organizing events and camps, decorating
neighborhood of the centers, representation at public events - singing, dance performances, visiting
home for the elderly, etc.). Prague drove the children and young people from excluded localities from
locations in Silesian Ostrava
After arriving by train to Prague children participated in the parade in costumes of Roma within
Khamoro. The procession led from Wenceslas Square to Old Town. The children visited Minister of
culture Daniel Herman in Nostitz Palace in the Lesser Town, which houses the Ministry of Culture.
Afterwards the children walked in our beautiful capital and examined the famous landmarks. In the
evening they visited a concert of traditional Roma music. All inspirational Roma personalities who
participated, served also as positive role models for children in the future.
On Saturday, the children went for a trip to the famous zoo in Prague-Troja, where they saw animals
from different corners of the planet. In the Evening they visited the gala concert, where many famous
and talented Romany artists, musicians performed. On Sunday children saw other beautiful places in
Prague from the Vltava River during an hour's steam boat ride. After lunch, the children full of
impressions and experiences left by train for Ostrava.
The event could be realized thanks to financial support from the city of Ostrava, the Ministry of
Culture, the Government Office, a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA
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List of 54 participants
The director: Kumar Vishwanathan
Educational Team
List of Children: Adults List
Barčáková Gábina Anna Jalůvková
Barčáková Stefi Berkiová Gábina
Loudová Catherine Peter Gach - supplies
Barčák Štefan Sivakov
Barčáková Ruzena Alice Tancošová
Jalůvková Tereza
Team Horni Sucha
Patrik Mrozek
Bieblova 404/8, 702 00 Ostrava
tel/fax: + 420 596130715
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Nikolas Vavrek
Magdalene Parčiová
Barbora Parčiová
Oily Lucie
Vendula Kaločová
Natasha Horvathova
The team Hrušov
Martin Peter
Elizabeth Mačková
Andrea Bandyová
Anna Lešková
Filip Čonka
Barbara Horváthová
Renata Marcinková
Adriana Poláková
Maruska Horvathova
Team Zárubek
Viliam Čonka
Lucie Bandyová
Christina Lešková
Aneta Bikárová
Anna Kováčová
Sarah Horvathova
Jesica Horvathova
Sivakova family
Elena Gorolová
Kornelie Kudriková
Pavel Kudrik
Natalie Kudriková
Anna Siváková
Pavlina Kudriková
Christina Kudriková
Team Liščina
Zdeněk Kroščen
Elena Žídková
Veronika Kanalošová
Bieblova 404/8, 702 00 Ostrava
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Bára Bandiová
Erika Gunárová
Vanesa Gunárová
Helena Grečková
Vendula Grešková
Marie Šimoničová
Klára Šimonočová
Radka Terkelyová
Bieblova 404/8, 702 00 Ostrava
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IČ: 65497996
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