Úspěch Jiřího Simpartla a Vojty Cibulky


Úspěch Jiřího Simpartla a Vojty Cibulky
Úspěch Jiřího Simpartla a Vojty Cibulky
zdroj: Strečková
Čtvrtek, 30 Duben 2015 11:22
Studenti 4.U Jiří Simpartl a Vojtěch Cibulka se společně s dalšími studenty zúčastnili literární
soutěže v anglickém jazyce "
Who is My Star?"
pořádané časopisem Bridge. Jirka obsadil úžasné třetí místo a Vojta, který reprezentoval
gymnázium, se umístil na 4. místě!!! Moc gratulujeme!!!
Lubor Hála a Ilona Strečková
Zde je Vojtova téměř vítězná práce:
My path to science
If you look for a spectacular and interesting science experiment, especially from chemistry or
physics or you just want to find out some really cool information about for example chemical
elements, you automatically go on the internet. And if you search well, you can discover this
very strange-looking old scientist. His name is Martyn Poliakoff and he is a professor at
Nottingham University in England.
Martyn Poliakoff got my attention, because of his videos on YouTube. I’m really into chemical
elements and one day I was searching one very rare radioactive element from periodic table. I
found a video about this element. It was produced by group Periodic Videos with their most
famous representative Martyn Poliakoff. After this moment, I couldn’t stop watching his videos
and I saw many and many others.
He isn’t only a very prestigious scientist, with many prizes, but also a very good teacher. He
absolutely delightfully uses his experience from his teaching at schools and universities, but
also experience from his teaching children in African countries. He gives his enthusiasm for
science all around him. He has also received Knighthood not only for his scientific world, but
also for his propagation of science, through his videos.
Martyn Poliakoff inspired me to be more interested in science, in chemistry, in physics. He has
taught me many interesting facts and also he has showed me how to show my passion for
Úspěch Jiřího Simpartla a Vojty Cibulky
zdroj: Strečková
Čtvrtek, 30 Duben 2015 11:22
science, how to show other people the sense for the scientific world.