Issues for discussion on 2.seminar (Adam Smith`s View of



Issues for discussion on 2.seminar (Adam Smith`s View of
Issues for discussion on 2.seminar
(Adam Smith's View of
A) Reconstruct, please, argumentation, which is sumerized in this frgment:
“It will be observed that Adam Smith's account of the development of
our moral sentiments is essentially self-centered. We care for others because,
(i) by a sympathetic response, we feel as they feel, (ii) because we enjoy the
sharing of sympathy, and because (iii) we wish to appear admirable in our
own eyes; (iv) and-we conform to the rules of conduct accepted in society
largely because we wish to be admired by others. Versus The impact of these
factors is weakened by the fact that the forces generating feelings of
benevolence have to overcome those arising from self-interest, more narrowly
conceived, with our perception of the outcomes distorted by self-deceit.”
B) Is there the discussed Smith works based on the “doctrine of a harmonious
order of nature, under divine guidance” or something else, whato is it
according to Coase?
C) Why Coase defend the consistency of Smith’s thought on human nature in
The Theory of Moral Sentiments and those expressed in the Wealth of
Nations, and how?
D) How Cosed fulfIiled his declared purpose of the paper: “the inclusion of
other motives in his analysis does not weaken but rather strengthens
his argument for the use of the market and the limitation of
governmental action in economic affairs.”?
Offer for visual support of discussion:
If you send me your short prepared issues to disussion with your notes or separeted
since the 20.00 on Sunday, I can prapare the summary, send it to server and display
it by the help of dataprojector.
Podnět Magdy Lazanské:
Vazeny pane docente,
pod dojmem z dnesniho seminare jsem se rozhodla Vam napsat jeden navrh.
Minuly semestr jsem navstevovala kurs doktorky Sanderove, jehoz soucasti
byly rovnez seminare nad cizojazycnymi texty. Na rozdil od naseho seminare,
kde je situace jeste ztizena anglickym jazykem, se vzdy rozproudila
Mam pocit, ze toto spocivalo zejmena v jedne veci. Pred cetbou clanku nam
vzdy PhDr. Sanderova rekla, na co se mame zamerit.
Proto se domnivam, ze by nasim seminarum velmi pomohlo, kdyby jste pred
cetbou clanku vzdy vyzdvihl hlavni body, na ktere se mame zamerit a ke
kterym si mame utvorit vlastni nazor, protoze mam pocit, ze clanky samy o
sobe nejsou nejjednodussi a diskutovat je v globalu je o to obtiznejsi.
Je to ciste muj navrh na zlepseni kvality seminaru. Nechavam samozrejme na
Vasem uvazeni, zda je podnetny ci nikoliv.
Jeste pripojuji omluvu, ze pristiho seminare se nebudu moci zucastnit. Jsem
na 16:30h. objednana k lekari a tuto schuzku bych velmi problematicky
presouvala. Uz jsem se Vam v patek zminovala, ze i na seminar PSA se
dostavim s mirnym zpozdenim.
Dekuji za pochopeni
Magda Lazanska

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