Nessie Newsletter 24 15


Nessie Newsletter 24 15
Newsletter 15/03/2013
Dear Parents,
Outdoor learning is a very important part of our curriculum at
Nessie, as it provides many opportunities for children to get
first-hand experience with the natural world, as well as to put
what they learn in the classroom into practice. In the near
future, many of our topics will include themes like Spring,
animals, insects and growing plants, so we expect to be
spending lots of time outside!
As the temperatures begin to get warmer (and probably
wetter), we kindly ask that rain boots and coats come back to
school. Also, please make sure to inform your class teachers
and teaching assistants of what clothing your child should be
wearing outside. Thank you for your support!
Stars of the
Dora M.
for amazing paintings
Just a friendly reminder: the last day to register for April
Activity Days is 22 March. Please don’t forget to sign your
child up, as we will be unable to register children after that
date. Thank you!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Vážení rodiče,
Důležitou částí našich osnov je výuka mimo školu – venku,
v přírodě. Pro děti je to skvělá příležitost k tomu, aby
poznávaly svět kolem sebe a své teoretické znalosti použily
i v praxi. Čekají nás témata jako je jaro, zvířata, hmyz
a rostliny, proto budeme trávit mnoho času venku!
Předpokládáme, že se bude postupně oteplovat, ale bude
také deštivo, proto Vás prosíme, aby děti měly ve škole opět
pláštěnky a holínky. Informujte také učitele, jaké oblečení je
určeno na venkovní aktivity.
Pokud chcete zapsat Vaše dítě na dubnové „Activity days“,
nezapomeňte, že registrace je možná nejpozději
do 22. března. Děkujeme!
Přeji Vám krásný víkend!
Victoria Smith
Matyáš K.
for working really
hard at being kind
and gentle and for
listening during our
ICT lesson
Matteo P.
for working really
hard on using his
words to express
Year 1
Anežka P.
for amazing
participation and hard
work in all her
What’s going on
this month?
18 March: Nursery
trip to Railroad
22 March: Last day
to register for
Activity Days
27 March:
Reception trip to
Dino Park
1 – 12 April: Easter
8 – 12 April: Activity
Days at Nessie
15 April: Back to
17 April: ParentTeacher Meetings
Sharing a non-fiction book about animals
Winnie the Witch!
We are learning about ‘long and short’
and stories
had funwith
my new
Concentrating SO well
on threading pasta
to make a worm
A dinosaur munching
on his apple
Winnie and Meg reading a story!
Mixing spices in the witch’s laboratory
The Pinkies bunch at
the Fire Station
Singing our favourite Circle
Look what the rain
brought in!
Climbing a turtle
Fireman or prince? You
Guess how many pieces of pasta
I used to make this worm!
I spy with my little eye…
Little Pink Riding Hood
Using tools
move objects
Princess Eva
Fireman to the rescue!
Janek´s Mum brought a turtle that helped
tell the story
Jakub is happy to share his book
Ahoj, Pirate Andreas!
Can you guess who´s my favourite
book character?
Maty loves everything
about pirates
Natalie´s Dad brought rhyming book
about a crocodile
Karolinka´s Mum read us many stories
Miss Kindra wore costume too!
Monika loves Cinderella´s story
This is my mummy.
Isn´t she pretty?
Kaja´s magic hat was
a hit with the boys
Saying good morning to
Scruffy and all of our
with Miss Jenny
exciting! fairy!
Kája was
Miu showed everyone
her japanese book!
Oliver shared
his book
to the park like
a snake
and costume
we are
Oliver´s Dad got
everyone excited!
Tinkerbell is Karolinka´s favourite
Hello, over there!
Talk partner groups of 3 are more fun!
Anetka was so happy
to be back at the park
We can find living and non-living things!
It is Super Ondra!
Dinosaur time!
We are measuring dinosaur
foot prints
We love learning about dinosaurs. Roar!
Matteo can move like
different animals!
Matteo is helping his friends
with our WOW words
Matteo really liked the horses
We had fun at the zoo!
Teamwork in action!
We made story maps for our book
ear 1
I wonder what are these
made from?
Enjoying a bit of warmer
Lovely team work
Hanging around with Reception
Working together
at the playground
readers haring
their stories with the Pinkies
Sleeping pirates
Using a lot of skills
to record
our observations and ideas
ear 1
Some of the art we saw
was a bit scary – photo by Lukáš
We went to Kampa Museum of Modern Art
to support our Art, ICT and Science topics!
Year 1 performs
‘Pirates Love Underpants’
at our Book Week assembly
Živa discovered
something interesting!
Sofie loves reading fairy tales
Year 1 wrote their own
folktales and read them
to the Pinkies
We each took turns
to read parts of our story
We enjoyed sharing our books with friends
Even the teachers did a play about a story
during Book Week

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