The Oxford Journals Life Sciences Collection 2014



The Oxford Journals Life Sciences Collection 2014
The Oxford Journals
Life Sciences Collection 2014
(46 titles)
Ecology to evolution, marine biology to molecular biology: Oxford’s prestigious Life Science journals uncover
the extraordinary scope of life on our planet. Our diverse range of titles includes Annals of Botany, the Journal of
Experimental Botany, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Systematic Biology, and Behavioral Ecology.
With a wealth of highly-cited titles offering original research, cutting-edge review articles, opinion, commentaries
and more, the Life Sciences Collection is an indispensable addition to any library.
Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica - 1.807
Alcohol and Alcoholism - 1.956
Annals of Botany - 3.449
Annals of Occupational Hygiene, The - 2.157
Behavioral Ecology - 3.216
Bioinformatics - 5.323
BioScience NEW
Brain - 9.915
Briefings in Bioinformatics - 5.298
Briefings in Functional Genomics - 4.210
Carcinogenesis - 5.635
Cerebral Cortex - 6.828
Chemical Senses - 3.222
Environmental History1 - 0.604
European Review of Agricultural Economics - 1.854
Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research - 1.677
Gerontologist, The - 2.283
Glycobiology - 3.537
Human Molecular Genetics - 7.692
Human Reproduction - 4.670
ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil - 2.277
Integrative and Comparative Biology - 3.023
International Immunology - 3.135
Journal of Analytical Toxicology - 2.107
Journal of Biochemistry, The - 2.719
Journal of Chromatographic Science - 0.794
Journal of Experimental Botany - 5.242
Journal of Heredity - 1.995
Journal of Molecular Cell Biology - 7.308
Journal of Molluscan Studies - 1.358
Journal of Petrology - 4.714
Journal of Plankton Research - 2.435
Journal of Plant Ecology - 1.355
Journals of Gerontology - Series A:
Biological and Medical Sciences, The - 4.314
Journals of Gerontology - Series B:
Psychological and Social Sciences, The - 3.006
MHR: Basic Science of Reproductive Medicine
Microscopy2 - 1.438
Molecular Biology and Evolution - 10.353
Molecular Plant - 6.126
Mutagenesis - 3.500
Plant and Cell Physiology - 4.134
Protein Engineering, Design and Selection - 2.588
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience - 5.042
Systematic Biology - 12.169
Toxicological Sciences - 4.328
Tree Physiology - 2.853
NEW FOR 2013
Volume 64 | 12 issues per year
A forum for integrating the Life Sciences, BioScience publishes timely and authoritative overviews of current research in
biology. Research is accompanied by essays and discussion sections on education, public policy, history, and the conceptual
underpinnings of the biological sciences.
Published on behalf of the American Institute of Biological Sciences.
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Forest & Conservation History and Environmental History Review merged in 1996 to become Environmental History
Previously named Journal of Electron Microscopy
Impact Factors taken from the 2012 Journal Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters 2013)
Highlights from the Life Sciences Collection
Human Molecular Genetics
Plant & Cell Physiology
Impact Factor: 7.692 (2012 ISI Journals Citation Index)
Volume 23
26 issues per year
Impact Factor: 4.134 ( 2012 ISI Journals Citation Index)
Volume 55
12 issues per year
Human Molecular Genetics publishes papers
of excellence in all aspects of human molecular
genetics. The journal includes a section
dedicated to strongly supported Association
Studies, and publishes two highly popular
review issues each year.
The journal publishes high quality original
articles on the biology, physiology,
biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, molecular
genetics, epigenetics, gene engineering and
cell engineering of plants and interacting
Published on behalf of the Japanese Society for
Plant Physiologists.
Journal of Experimental Botany
Systematic Biology
Impact Factor: 5.242 (2012 ISI Journals Citation Index)
Volume 65
18 issues per year
Impact Factor: 12.169 (2012 ISI Journals Citation Index)
Volume 63
6 issues per year
The Journal of Experimental Botany (JXB)
publishes high-quality primary research
papers in the plant sciences, as well as regular
review collections, commissioned reviews,
Darwin Reviews, and opinion articles.
Papers for this journal are original
contributions to the theory, principles, and
methods of systematics as well as phylogeny,
evolution, morphology, biogeography,
paleontology, genetics, and the classification
of all living things. A Points of View section
offers a forum for discussion, while book
reviews and announcements of general
interest are also featured.
Published on behalf of the Society for
Experimental Biology.
Published on behalf of the Society of
Systematic Biologists.
Molecular Biology and Evolution
Toxicological Sciences
Impact Factor: 10.353 (2012 ISI Journals Citation Index)
Volume 31
12 issues per year
Impact Factor: 4.328 (2012 ISI Journals Citation Index)
Volume 137
12 issues per year
The journal publishes investigations of
molecular evolutionary patterns and
processes, tests of evolutionary hypotheses
that use molecular data, and studies that use
molecular evolutionary information to address
questions about biological function at all levels
of organization.
The mission of Toxicological Sciences, the
official journal of the Society of Toxicology, is
to publish premier peer-reviewed,
hypothesis-driven, original research articles in
all areas of toxicology.
Published on behalf of the Society of Toxicology.
Published on behalf of the Society for
Molecular Biology and Evolution.
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