Find your perfect window styling!



Find your perfect window styling!
Find your perfect
window styling!
Designed by Luxaflex®. Inspired by you.
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Ultimate operating comfort:
Silhouette® Shades with PowerRise®
Silhouette Shades
Gentle translucency for an endless variety
of moods
With the ingenious construction of
Silhouette® Shades you are choosing
soft fabric vanes that seem to float
between sheer facings. They allow you
to subtly filter the incoming light in
your home and determine the degree
of privacy.
Shades give my
living room a
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Duette Shades
Filtering light and insulating your home all year round
Duette® Shades are available
in a wide assortment of
beautiful fabrics and in
three transparencies. The
honeycomb structure of
Duette® Shades offers privacy
and makes them an energy
saving window covering in
both summer and winter.
The SmartCord® and LiteRise®
operating systems have been
designed with safety and
comfort in mind.
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Twist Roller Blinds
Distinctive ambiance and privacy control in one
Two sliding layers of fabric with sheer
horizontal strips. This is the hallmark of
Twist™ roller blinds. It’s an amazingly
simple and effective method for
choosing just the right amount of
incoming light and privacy.
You can opt for refined voiles or a
silky fabric with a lovely luxurious
feel in the open strips. Alternatively
you can choose the Symphony with
segments in three different shades.
Whatever you decide, the quality will
be outstanding.
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“They love
their play area
thanks to the
fun design”
Express your style with
an individual touch
Luxaflex® adds a new dimension
to the traditional roller blind. The
collection includes striking fabrics in
modern stylish colours, textures and
transparencies. The possibilities are
almost endless, especially if you select
accessories to give your roller blind a
personal accent and transform it into
an exceptionally decorative window
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Plissé Shades
Uniquely decorative, with a shape that suits your style
The beautifully pleated fabrics
create playful shadows with
sunlight. Special coatings
offer extra protection against
sunlight, warmth, dirt and
moisture. Anti-bacterial and
flame retartdant coatings are
also available. The cleverly
designed hardware offers a
solution for almost any
window shape.
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Facette Shades
Soft fabrics for subtle light control
Stunning Facette® Shades combine
the stylish warmth of textured fabric
vanes and the simplicity of a window
covering that can be raised or lowered
in an instant.
Sliding the opaque and translucent
sections past one another allow you to
choose the perfect balance of privacy
and light. Available in a range of
contemporary and diverse colours.
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Venetian Blinds
Create light control and privacy with this
design classic
Venetian Blinds have been the key
product for Luxaflex® throughout
the years. The extensive collection
offers you multiple slat widths, from
very sophisticated fine slats to ‘bold
is beautiful’ slats. For every size of
window this product has unique
solutions and decorative options
available. Slats in over 230 colours and
finishes offer a choice to suit your taste
and personal style.
Choose from traditional, hand or
motorised control options for effortless
operation and enjoyment year round.
Double the view with MegaView®
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Luxaflex® aluminium slats are made from
98% recycled aluminium. A choice for
durability without compromising on quality.
Vertical Blinds
Elegant simplicity for larger windows
With their sleek style, vertical blinds
are ideal for contemporary interiors,
large windows, sliding doors and even
shaped windows. The collection offers
an endless range of colours, patterns
and rich textured fabrics. Complete
with aluminium and PVC slats this
collection offers almost unlimited
was a major
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Roman Shades
Decorate your windows with a tailored, textured look
Enjoy the natural beauty of fabrics
in the Roman Shades collection.
These custom-made window
coverings are available in different
transparencies in a vast range of
fabrics & colours. You’re sure to
find a look that suits your interior
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Nature’s warmth and
beauty, in your home
With its natural beauty, wood has long
been an inspiration and delight. Its
calming and reassuringly solid presence
provides a welcome contrast to the
hustle and bustle of modern daily life.
Luxaflex® Wood Blinds bring all these
qualities home to you.
Almost all Luxaflex® Wood Blinds are
manufactured using FSC certified wood.
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To ensure that your experience
with Luxaflex® is the very best
it can be, our products are
sold by professionally trained
dealers. Our experts will
answer your questions, provide
home measuring and fitting
services, and configure your
custom product to your exact
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For truly exceptional, fully customised and
reliable window coverings, Luxaflex® is the perfect
With over 60 years’ experience, Luxaflex® is
committed to providing you with an unrivalled
selection of products, fabrics, materials and colours
for your comfort and pleasure. All covered by a
five-year guarantee.
Designed by Luxaflex®. Inspired by you.
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