3rd Helping Hand with Magnifier



3rd Helping Hand with Magnifier
Best Connectivity
Art No. WZ0034
3rd Helping Hand with Magnifier
Perfect for soldering, the helping hands can hold small components, PC boards, or anything
that requires soldering or fine assembly. It includes the magnifier and is able to adjust to any
• For Close-up Work
• Set and hold your work at any angle
• Helping precision soldering electronic work
• Magnifying glass for close inspection
• Heavy cast iron stand with 8 articulated joints, two flexible clamps
• Glass magnifier: Ø46mm
Package Contents:
• 1 x 3rd Helping hand with magnifier
• 1 x User Manual
Packaging Information:
• Packing Dimension: 125 x 73 x 80 mm
• Packing Weight: 0.35Kg
• Carton Dimension: mm
• Carton Q'ty: 40pcs
• Carton Weight: kg
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