ProQuest Health and Medical Complete


ProQuest Health and Medical Complete
ProQuest Health and
Medical Complete
What is your vision for health and medical
research excellence at your institution?
Instrumental? • Outstanding? • Seminal?
Recommend to your librarian a resource that meets with your vision...
Offers leading publications including The Lancet,The New England
Journal of Medicine and The Journal of Clinical Investigation.
ProQuest Health and Medical Complete
Your Medical Research....Recharged
Who is using this resource?
Medical educators and researchers
use ProQuest Health and Medical
Complete for undergraduate and
postgraduate specialist research
and teaching of clinical subjects
Surgery ...and more.
How has deep-indexing
changed the way
researchers discover
Traditional searches on databases
will return results only found in
the text body of an article.
However, tables and figures in
articles represent the core
research findings and data and
these are often hard to find.
How is the resource
There are over 1,660 full-text
journals available on a clean,
simple to use interface. The
SmartSearch feature improves
search suggestions and only
available on the ProQuest
platform, is the ability to find
deep-indexed tables, figures
and images.
How, when and where to
access ProQuest Health
and Medical Complete?
ProQuest Health and Medical
Complete now makes over
4.7million such records
discoverable to researchers by
simply showing them within
relevant search results.
Find out more about ProQuest
image deep-indexing on
Available online, 24 hours a day
to members of subscribing
institutional libraries.
Ask your librarian to arrange free trial access for you and your
faculty members or contact your ProQuest representative on

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