Rose Speedlight Dog Camp / Kynologická hala


Rose Speedlight Dog Camp / Kynologická hala
04.-05. 03. 2017
organizing committee
venue / location
general conditions
veterinary conditions
starting fee
bank account
variable symbol
general terms
Rose Speedlight Dog Camp / Kynologická hala RSDC, o.z. & Agility Dobrý Pes
Area of BETA-CAR, Drevárska 23, Pezinok, Slovensko
GPS 48°16'40"N, 17°16'11"E (48.277998, 17.270119)
Manca Mikec (SLO), Iveta Lukáčová (SVK)
Juraj Ruža / deadline 28. 02. 2017
Saturday – 04. 03. 2017 and Sunday – 05. 03. 2017 (identical program, 3 runs per day)
8.00 – 8.40 Presentation
Opening ceremony
1x exam A1
1x exam A2
1x exam A3
Open Agility
Open Jumping
Competition is open for all participating teams with valid licence or record book
The maximum number of participants is 140 teams!
Exams of each category will be evaluated, each open run and summary of all 4 open runs. In
addition, during all winter series you may collect points for open runs in special league for the
title Lord of the Winter 2016/17!
Artificial grass
Valid vaccination against rabies and infecious diseases (distemper, parvovirosis,
parainfluenza, leptospirosis, infectious heptitis) recorded in Vaccination book or Petpass
30 € team / 2 day
20 € team / 1 day
Price for all 5 races (LOTW I.–V.) purchased in advance: 130 € / team (discount 20 €)
In advance on account Kynologická hala RSDC, o.z.
Trenčianska 53, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia
Payment on sight is possible only upon agreement with the organizer in advance
Tatra Banka 2943011230/1100
SK39 1100 0000 0029 4301 1230
Will be sent with the entry form acceptation
The competition is held according to the ASKA rules. The competion is organized on one course. The
handler is responsible for all damages caused by his/her dog. The organizer reserves the right to change
the program. Dog walking is possible near the hall as per organizer’s guidelines. Protestation may be
filed after Є 20.00 deposit payment only. In the case of competition cancellation by force majeure the
entry fee remains with the organizer. The entry fee is non returnable, however may be transferable to
another team. The organizer retains the right to refuse any entry without stating reasons. Voluntary
contribution in min. value is stated above as Entrance fee. With voluntary contribution you are
supporting progress of Kynologická hala RSDC, o.z. activities. Thank you!
Buffet refreshment on the premises will be organized

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