What’s in a quality screen


What’s in a quality screen
Your home is your sanctuary; your home is like a member of your family that
welcomes you, shelters you and keeps you safe.
When your home is secure, you feel more at ease, freed of worry to focus on enjoying
your home and time spent with loved ones; knowing your home will be waiting for
you the way you left it when you return to its comfort.
But your home needs your help to keep it safe, so it can keep you safe. There are
many options and methods to consider.
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Use high-quality locks on doors and windows. Deadbolts are the highest safety rated
locks you can use for main entry doors. Also consider locks on your screen doors too
and use steel mesh screens which are impact and tear proof.
Alternative Locks
Consider electronic locks that require input codes on a keypad, voice access or phone
app. These are especially useful to avoid lost keys entering the hands of potential
Alarm systems
Security systems, window and glass break sensors or other alarms can alert
authorities to a breach or act as a deterrent. If you are on a budget, you can even use
fake ones with a flashing light. Add and display generic security stickers as an
additional deterrent.
Well lit entrances, motion or heat activated lights outdoors will discourage potential
burglars. Consider solar powered lights to save energy. And use timer lights indoors
when you are not home.
Inspect access points to make sure frames and hinges of doors and windows are in
good condition and strong.
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Hide valuables.
Keep valuables out of sight, such as money, jewelry, laptops and phones. Consider an
entertainment unit with doors that hide the TV when not in use or other hideaway
systems. Burglars look for quick, grab and go targets.
Consider a safe to keep the most important valuables out of reach.
Expensive Purchases
Dispose of empty boxes from expensive purchases, like tv screens, computers,
consoles; make sure they are not left sitting in plain view outside.
Surveillance cameras
Install cameras out of obvious sight. They can be helpful to identify and catch thieves
with video evidence. But it is more useful to have a connected smartphone app, so
you can check as soon as there is a triggered alert and contact authorities.
Mail when not home
Notify mail services to hold your mail and put paper deliveries on hold if you will be
away for an extended period. This is a dead giveaway to potential burgers that no one
is home. Or ask a neighbour to collect your mail and paper for you.
House Sitter
Hire a housesitter while you are away. Or get a friend or neighbour to visit the house,
not only to check but put out and take in bins, perhaps keep the grass cut. This will
make it seem like someone is home.
Sliding Door Precautions
Even when locked, sliding doors by their very design are fairly easy to break open.
The use of a timber dowel in the track may seem like a good idea but it is not a
recommended solution. The only way is to install high quality triple locking glass
doors or installing a steel mesh locking screen door.
Secure WiFi Network
Keep home wi-fi network secure and hidden to prevent hacker access to personal and
financial information or access to an automated home system.
Home Automation
Home automation can give you remote access or scheduled control of lights and locks
as well as camera and alarms. You can get real-time alerts about suspicious activity,
so you can take quick action.
Prevent Climbing
Second stories are often more vulnerable to a breach. Ensure windows and doors that
can be accessed via garage roofs and balconies are secured with a quality triple lock
and a steel screen.
There are many simple and effective solutions to keep your home secure and keep
your mind free of worry. Peace and security are easily achievable. If you would like
to discuss improving the security of your villa then please feel free to contact one of
the experienced Safety Screens team how can provide a number of options for you.