10000 mAH Digital-Display Power Bank with Cords


10000 mAH Digital-Display Power Bank with Cords
10000 mAH Digital-Display Power Bank
with Cords – Never Run out of Battery
No feeling can measure up to the aggression and frustration that builds up when
your phone switches off due to an empty Battery when you need it the most.
Thankfully, the 10000 mAH Digital Display Power Bank with Cords makes it
possible to keep a phone always charged on the road and at home. This nifty
gadget is undoubtedly the best addition to your mobile accessories collection.
Four Heads for All Charging Needs
Don’t have enough power sources at home to charge all your devices at once?
The 10000 mAH Digital-Display Power Bank with Cords is the perfect solution. It
has four charging heads built into the power bank, including Micro USB, Standard
USB, Type C, and Lightning. Plug in multiples device to the ones you need and
benefit from its 2.1 A charging powers.
A Portable Device
Didn't get time to power your phone before leaving for work? No problem!
Charge as you move with the ultra slim Digital Display Power Bank. It comes in
compact packaging that makes it easy to carry around. The cords are 5.8 inches
long, 2.7 inches wide, and with a diameter of 0.7 inches. Unlike traditional
charging devices, this gadget tackles the issue of tangled cords by offering built-in
charger heads.
Wireless Support
This power bank is also ideal for devices not requiring cords to power up. Its sleek
and shiny pad has charging capabilities and can be utilized to charge any phone
with wireless-charging convenience. All you need to do is place your phone on the
charging pad and wait as your device takes in all the juice it needs.

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