LED Dog Leash – Taking Dog Walking Up a Notch


LED Dog Leash – Taking Dog Walking Up a Notch
LED Dog Leash – Taking Dog Walking Up
a Notch
Unbreakable bonding and unforgettable memories are created while walking
one's dog. It is the time of the day your doggo looks forward to the most. So you
must not let anything stop you and your pet from embarking on this memorable
journey, not even the rain or darkness. With this LED Dog Leash, you can improve
nighttime visibility while giving your pet some sparkle. Be aware of where your
small loved one is in unpleasant weather, in the fog, or at night.
All Eyes on this Lovely Leash
The LED Dog Leash boasts a beautiful bright red color that catches everyone's
attention. It is the easiest way to ensure that the onlookers and drivers see your
pup so it remains out of harm's way. Whether at a park or turning a corner on the
road,this lovely leash will undoubtedly grab everyone's attention and ensure your
dog's safety even at night.
Lighten up Your Dog’s Day
Your furry friend will adore the bright light flair and go gaga for it. The light
contains two different modes for variety. These modes can be changed from a
steady light to an attention-grabbing flashing light with a button on the leash.
Now you can take your canine friend on walks even in the dark and ensure your
peace of mind.
Hours of Service Time
The LED Dog Leashuses two CR2016 batteries, which are included in the package.
These provide up to 80 hours of usage.Moreover, it boastssoft and comfortable
padding around the handle to prevent strain on your wrists when your pet wants
to run away from you.

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