Ostrava has new public transport system. Students need to buy electronic card, making of which
lasts usually around two weeks. If you start arranging it after your arrival to Ostrava, you will have
to buy first temporary paper one without student discount which is 550 CZK. Solution to saving
these 550 CZK is arranging the card now online Unfortunately it's all just in
Czech. Below you can find whole instruction how to do it.
The 130 CZK is for the plastic card and when you arrive you will be charging this card for it to be
valid. I will leave the decision if you want to do it online and save some money or just prefer to do
it from Ostrava with help of your buddy up to you. All this applies to you only if you are less than
26 years old.
You will need: Picture photo (531 x 413 px), credit card – 130 czk (approx. 5 euro) !
1. Go to:
Click on: Objednat ODISku
2. Choose: Žáci a studenti od 15 do dovršení 26 let věku
And then : Další
3. Fill in:
Jméno: First Name (Brad)
Příjmení: Last Name (Pitt)
Datum narození: Your birthday (For example 01.01.1990)
Photo: Max. 500kB,
Size: 531 x 413 px !! (height 531, width 413)
Format: JPG, JPEG
To choose file: Vybrat soubor (for uploading the photo)
Then: Nahrat fotografii
Then: Další
4. Choose: Prodejna Husovo náměstí
Then: Další
5. Click on: Zobrazit
Close the new window
Check the box
Then: Další
6. Check your personal information
Click on: Souhlasím s podmínkami pro vydávání a využívání ODISky
Close the new window
Check the box
Then: Vložit do košíku
7. Now you need to register.
Use the second form: Registrace nového uživatele
Choose your username and password. Remeber both for the later use !
Then copy the next from picture as common
Now you will receive email.
Click on: zde
8. Now your email adress is confirmed
9. Now you can continue with your order
Click on: zobrazit košík
10. Click on: Dokončit nákup
11. For card payment click on: Platba kartou
Then: Další
12. Click on: Pokračovat v platbě
13. Click on: Platba kartou
14. Click on: Potvrzení platby
15. Fill your card information.
You can also switch to english on the right top corner.
Then click on: Zaplatit 130 czk
Now your card should be ordered. Once you receive your email (it may take up to 21 days) you can
pick it up at DPO HUSOVO NÁMĚSTÍ.
Husovo náměstí 3250/10,
702 00 Ostrava-Moravská Ostrava
MON-FRI: 6:15-12:00 h, 12:15-18:00 h