Art of Nutritional Cuisine Bioactives in Fruit Clinical



Art of Nutritional Cuisine Bioactives in Fruit Clinical
Art of Nutritional Cuisine
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vyd. CRC Press, I/2013
ISBN 9781439850831
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Now more than ever, culinary professionals are expected to provide cuisine that
satisfies the diverse nutritional needs of a vast population of consumers. While the
public has become increasingly health conscious, chefs can serve well-presented,
great-tasting, and nutritious foods that at the same time support a healthy lifestyle. The
Art of Nutritional Cuisine offers foundational nutrition principles with practical
reinforcement of these principles in cooking labs complete with menus and recipes for
delicious meals.
Bioactives in Fruit
v pevné vazbě, 542 stran
vyd. Wiley-Blackwell, VIII/2013
ISBN 9780470674970
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Oils and fats are almost ubiquitous in food processing, whether naturally occurring in
foods or added as ingredients that bring functional benefits. Whilst levels of fat intake
must be controlled in order to avoid obesity and other health problems, it remains the fact
that fats (along with proteins and carbohydrates) are one of the three macronutrients and
therefore an essential part of a healthy diet. This second edition presents at professional
and reference level the current state of the art of the edible oils in the industry, focusing
on the various processing stages and considering both chemistry and process
Includes Material for Classroom Lectures and Laboratory Practicum The lecture
portion of the book includes: A glossary of key terms Teachable Moments to amplify
the application of basic food science concepts Recommended websites to facilitate
further study References to USDA guidelines to assist in planning and achieving a
healthy diet Appendices elaborating on pertinent topics in nutrition and nutritional
cooking Ample space for reader notes to be added to the text Recipes and Sample
Menus The lab portion of the text offers the opportunity to apply basic nutritional
principles in the kitchen and equips readers with the ability to prepare tasty and
healthy cuisine. It includes recipes and sample menus that enable application of the
lecture material. Using classic culinary techniques while adhering to sound nutritional
principles, professional and home chefs can create tasty meals that promote good
Clinical Nutrition
Functional Foods
v pevné vazbě, 444 stran
vyd. Apple Academic Press, XII/2013
ISBN 9781926895970
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vyd. Apple Academic Press, XI/2013
ISBN 9781926895949
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The field of clinical nutrition as a whole seeks to consider the nutrition of patients within
the healthcare system, paying attention to the interactions between diet, nutrition, and
disease. To that end, this book discusses nutrition as both a contributing and
managing factor in relation to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. It also presents
malnutrition as a contributing factor to such diseases and considers the efficacy of
micronutrient supplementation.
It ends by looking at some of the recent developments and future trends in the field of
clinical nutrition.
This new book presents a variety of important research on functional foods-foods that
have another role related to disease prevention or health. The first section of the book
includes chapters on the complicated relationships between nutrition, physical and mental
health, and disease. Section two focuses on the connection between health science and
food, and presents a number of case studies on the possible uses of functional foods.
The book discusses important methods for nutritional interventions in relation to diseases
such as obesity and other prominent health concerns in modern society. Topics include: *
Nutrigenetics and metabolic diseases * Nutrition intervention strategies to improve health
* Nutrition consumption timing around exercise sessions * Nutritional therapies for mental
disorders * Health benefits of particular foods, such as eggs, milk, cereal, garlic,
cinnamon, nuts, blueberries, etc. * Mineral- and protein-enriched foods
Handbook of Nutrition and Food
Handbook of Vitamins
v pevné vazbě, 1136 stran
vyd. CRC Press, 3. vydání, IX/2013
ISBN 9781466505711
v pevné vazbě, 605 stran
vyd. CRC Press, 5. vydání, VIII/2013
ISBN 9781466515567
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The new edition of the Handbook of Nutrition and Food follows the format of the
bestselling earlier editions, providing a reference guide for many of the issues on
health and well being that are affected by nutrition. Completely revised, the third
edition contains 20 new chapters, 50 percent new figures, and updates to most of the
previously existing chapters. Part I is devoted to food, including its composition,
constituents, labeling, and analysis. There is also a chapter on the laws that regulate
food and its protection. Part II focuses on nutrition as a science, covering basic
terminology, nutritional biochemistry, nutrition and genetics, food intake regulation, and
micronutrients. This section also includes a chapter on the nutritional needs of
nonhuman species and a chapter on finding mouse models for human disease studies.
Part III discusses the nutrient needs of humans, from infants to older adults, as well as
needs under special circumstances, such as elite athletes, vegetarians, and space
travelers. Part IV addresses assessment of nutrient intake adequacy. Part V examines
clinical nutrition, from assessments in the clinic setting through the many conditions
that are likely to be presented in a medical practice.
New to this edition: * More websites cited for accessing large data sets * A complete
chapter on food intake regulation * Several chapters relating to the legal aspects of
food (food law, food labeling) * Additional focus on food sanitation and food safety *
Expanded coverage of drugs and nutrition * Integration of major health issues with a
significant number of new disease chapters, including nutrition and immune function,
dental health, renal disease, brain function, frail elderly and hospitalized patients, and
food addiction and obesity *
Within the last few years, knowledge about vitamins has increased dramatically, resulting
in improved understanding of human requirements for many vitamins. This new edition of
a bestseller presents comprehensive summaries that analyze the chemical, physiological,
and nutritional relationships, as well as highlight newly identified functions, for all
recognized vitamins. These include vitamins A, D, K, E, B6, B12, niacin, riboflavin,
thiamine, pantothenic acid, biotin, folate, choline, and ascorbic acid.
Improving Diets and Nutrition
Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Keeping the tradition of the previous volumes, the Handbook of Vitamins, Fifth Edition
provides an updated, contemporary perspective on vitamins in human nutrition. Bringing
together leading experts in molecular biology, biochemistry, and physiology, the book
contains substantial revisions in every chapter, covering vitamin metabolism, including
human requirements, clinical aspects of deficiency, vitamin-dependant cell signals and
gene regulation, and roles as coenzymes. The chapter on epigenetics has been updated
and expanded to include novel findings about vitamins not previously considered in
studies of nutrient-dependent epigenome modification.
The book also contains a new chapter on genome stability, highlighting current
understanding of vitamin-genome interactions in the evolution of the human genome and
the functional consequences of human genetic variation. Maintaining its status as a highquality reference, this handbook incorporates new discoveries into an updated and
revised fifth edition.
v pevné vazbě, 408 stran
vyd. CABI Publishing, IV/2014
ISBN 9781780642994
v měkké vazbě, 608 stran
vyd. Cengage Learning, 11. vydání,
ISBN 9781133960508
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Nutrition-sensitive, food-based approaches towards hunger and malnutrition are
effective, sustainable and long-term solutions. This book discusses the policy,
strategic, methodological, technical and programmatic issues associated with such
approaches. Best practices for the design, targeting, implementation and evaluation of
specific interventions, and presents improved methodologies for evaluating their
efficacy and cost-effectiveness and presented.
Nutrition & Diet Therapy 11e is an updated introduction to the essentials of nutrition
concepts, good health and client care that will provide you with a solid foundation in
nutrition. This book addresses misconceptions presented in the media about the link
between good nutrition and good health and will enable you to more effectively help your
clients improve their nutrition and overall health. Nutrition & Diet Therapy 11e is
organized around three simple concepts.
This book also provides practical lessons for advancing nutrition-sensitive, food-based
approaches at policy and programme level.
Section One covers the fundamentals of nutrition, Section Two explains how to maintain
good health through nutrition and Section Three addresses the nutrition therapy concepts
nurses need to know.
New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
v pevné vazbě, 672 stran
vyd. Speed Press, III/2014
ISBN 9781607745532
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A fully revised and expanded edition of the most comprehensive vegetarian cookbook
ever published, with more than 400,000 copies in print, from America’s leading
authority on vegetarian cooking.
Originally published in 1997, Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
was both ahead of its time and an instant classic. It has endured as one of the world’s
most popular vegetarian cookbooks, winning both a James Beard Foundation award
and the IACP Julia Child Cookbook of the Year Award. Now, The New Vegetarian
Cooking for Everyone picks up where that culinary legacy left off, with more than 1,600
classic and exquisitely simple recipes for home cooks, including a new introduction,
more than 200 new recipes, and comprehensive, updated information on vegetarian
and vegan ingredients. A treasure from a truly exceptional culinary voice, The New
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is not just for vegetarians and vegans—it’s for
everyone interested in learning how to cook vegetables creatively, healthfully, and
Vegan for Fun
Shojin Ryori:
Art of Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine
v měkké vazbě, 168 stran
vyd. Marshall Cavendish International,
ISBN 9789814516280
běžná cena 1.036 Kč vč. DPH
v této nabídce 850 Kč vč. DPH
Shojin ryori is the art of Japanese vegetarian cuisine that originated from the Japanese
Zen temples, but is today widely popular all over the world for its healthful and wellbalanced meals prepared without meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. With clearly written
step-by-step instructions and insightful cooking tips, chef Danny Chu of Enso Kitchen will
show you how to transform simple, readily available ingredients into creative, flavourful
and satisfying shojin ryori meals in your home kitchen
Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts
v pevné vazbě, 192 stran
vyd. Becker Joest Volk Verlag,
ISBN 9783954530113
v pevné vazbě, 256 stran
vyd. Stewart, Tabori & Chang, X/2014
ISBN 9781617690730
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With his non-dogmatic views, Attila Hildmann represents a new generation of people
who want to eat healthy foods that are free of factory farming and products
manipulated by the food industry. He believes that everyone who eats vegan one or
two days a week or has one vegan meal a day will experience significant health
benefits and a greater quality of life. The best example of the healthy benefits of a
vegan diet is Attila Hildmann himself. He went from being a significantly overweight
young man, who as he today says lacked motivation, to a model athlete full of energy
within just a few years. Attila is even able to easily conjure up hearty flavors like those
you are familiar with from meat. And his recipes are often incredibly simple. Many of
the recipes work well as snacks or for the office, and they ll add healthy variety to your
diet. After trying recipes like vegan burgers, spaghetti carbonara, cashew ice cream,
pralines, and tasty smoothies, people with a normal diet will soon become fans of
healthy foods that don t contain cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, flavor enhancers, or
other additives.
In Vegetarian Mediterranean Feasts, Aglaia Kremezi is going back to her roots,
rediscovering the delicious, fresh, healthy, easy-to-make recipes she grew up with. In this
book, Kremezi explores the traditional plant-based foods of the Mediterranean in 150
inspiring recipes, including Flat Bread with Dried Figs, Roquefort Cheese and Rosemary;
Santorini Fava with Braised Capers and Onions and Rose Petal and Yogurt Mousse.
Vegetarian Mediterranean Feasts will appeal to even the most avid meat lover with a
cornucopia of simple, yet abundantly flavouful, seasonal dishes.
Attractive to the ever-expanding vegan and vegetarian market, as well as for fans of
Mediterranean cooking, Kremezi's arsenal of master recipes for spice, nut and herb
mixtures and sauces, jams and pastes inspired by eastern Mediterranean and north
African traditions will transform even the most humble vegetable or grain into an
irresistible dish.

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