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Bohemian Paradise Bohemian Paradise
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nature / history / active tourism
European geopark
Městské informační středisko
Náměstí Českého ráje 26,
511 01 Turnov
Tel., fax: +420 481 366 255, 481 366 256
e-mail: [email protected]
Wandering in the traces of history:
Městské informační středisko
Rovensko pod Troskami
Komenského 107,
512 63 Rovensko pod Troskami
Tel.: +420 481 381 050,
fax: (MÚ) +420 481 382 236
e-mail: [email protected]
Detailed information can be found in the tourist catalogue Bohemian Paradise.
Městské informační středisko
Riegrovo náměstí 68,
513 01 Semily
Tel., fax: +420 481 624 721
e-mail: [email protected]
Městské informační centrum Jičín
Valdštejnovo náměstí 1,
506 01 Jičín
Tel., fax: +420 493 534 390
e-mail: [email protected]
Kulturní a informační středisko
Města Lomnice nad Popelkou
Husovo nám. 4,
512 51 Lomnice nad Popelkou
Tel., fax: +420 481 673 107
e-mail: [email protected]
Městské informační středisko
Náměstí Míru 3, 507 43 Sobotka
Tel.: +420 493 571 587
e-mail: [email protected]
Kulturní a informační středisko
Železný Brod
Náměstí 3. května 1,
468 22 Železný Brod
Tel: +420 483 333 925, 483 333 950
e-mail: [email protected]
Městské informační centrum
Mladá Boleslav
Železná 107,
293 23 Mladá Boleslav
Tel., fax: +420 326 322 173
e-mail: [email protected]
Bohemian Paradise Association - your partner for the tourist region
The Bohemian Paradise Association is a voluntary association of
towns, villages and other legal entities. The main subject of activity is
the cooperation in tourism, focused on sustainable development of
the region and, simultaneously, on maintaining all the natural and
cultural values of the landscape.
Activities of the Bohemian Paradise Association
- Working out conceptual and promotional materials, negotiating
with strategic partners from the public and private spheres
- Mutual promotion and presentation of the tourist region
- Distribution of a tourist catalogue, information and promotional
- Guarantee of integral tourist programmes: Following the tales of
the Bohemian Paradise, On the trail of Albrecht of Wallenstein,
Stone and Jewel, Summer tourist buses…
mansions: Dětenice, Hrubá Skála, Hrubý Rohozec, Humprecht, Jičín,
Mnichovo Hradiště, Staré Hrady, Sychrov
castles: Kost, Michalovice, Mladá Boleslav, Trosky, Valdštejn, Valečov,
ruins and prehistoric settlements: Drábské světničky, Bradlec,
Frýdštejn, Kozlov, Chlum, Kumburk, Pařez, Rotštejn, Veliš, Vlastibořice,
Zasádka, Zbirohy, Zvířetice
Bohemian Paradise Association
Antonína Dvořáka 335
511 22 Turnov
e-mail: [email protected]
Bohemian Paradise
Published by the Bohemian Paradise Association
Publishing house: Nakladatelství Jakoubě
Press: Unipress, spol. s r. o., 2005
103x210 GB - uni
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- to the landscape with a poetic name
Welcome to the European geopark
other characters from the legends of this fairy-tale like country. Every
year we publish "Tourist Newspaper Bohemian Paradise" which will
acquaint you with the current offer for tourists. The network of marked
trails belongs to the most densely marked trails in the Czech Republic and offers to walkers and bikers plenty of the most beautiful trails.
There are endless combinations and both short and long circuits. The
most significant activities include the "seasonal tourist buses"
This unique and matchless landscape lies in the North-east of
Bohemia. The first Protected Landscape Area was declared here in
1955 as the Protected Landscape Area Bohemian Paradise and it was
enlarged in 2002.
In 2005 the Bohemian Paradise became the part of the European
network of geoparks.
The uniqueness of the landscape is created by the connection of
the natural beauties with the charm and romanticism of the histori-
hill of the Bohemian Paradise is Kozákov - the fairy-tale hill full of precious
stones. We have prepared for you in the landscape of the Bohemian
Paradise topical routes, such as "On the trail of Albrecht of Wallenstein", "In the traces of Baroque", "Looking for the precious stones
and minerals - Stone and Jewel in the Bohemian Paradise".The routes
also include an interesting wandering for families, called "Following
the tales of the Bohemian Paradise". When making trips, you are sure
to meet the Black Knight, White Lady, the fairy called Jizerýna and
cal monuments. Breathtaking and unforgettable sceneries can be
admired in the Bohemian Paradise in every season of the year. When
making biking or walking trips, you will be enchanted by
the omnipresent sandstone rocks, picturesque valleys or mysterious
ponds, you will find here places of distant views of the region
and other natural points of interest. On your way to learn about
the history you will meet romantic ruins, castles and mansions
emblazoned with legends and myths, folk buildings, beautiful architecture, small chapels, wayward shrines and sculptures of folk stonemasons. The dominating feature and one of the symbols of
the Bohemian Paradise is the ruins of the castle Trosky. The highest
whose routes connect the most beautiful places of the whole region.
And if you want to try some of the other active forms of getting to
know the paradise, such as rock-climbing, paragliding, horse riding
or water sports, canoeing or rafting, you can do it right here.
Come to spend a great holiday in the charming Bohemian
Paradise. We are looking forward to meeting you.
Rock towns:
Natural and other points of interest:
Hrubá Skála rock town - 400 sandstone towers reaching the height
of up to 55 metres
Prachovské Rocks - the most well-known rock town
Besedice Rocks - an unforgettable maze for children
Suché Rocks at Malá Skála - called the "Czech Dolomiti ", reminding
of the dragonīs back from the distance
Klokočské and Betlémské Rocks, Příhrazské Rocks
Bozkov dolomiti caves - the largest underground lake in the Czech Republic
Podtrosecká valleys - the largest complex of marsh biotopes
in the territory of the PLA Bohemian Paradise
the Jizera river - Rieger‘s Trail, leading in some places along a footbridge suspended over the river
Libosad - composed Baroque landscape
Rovensko pod Troskami - belfry with "rebellion" bells turned upside down
Places of distant views:
Kozákov (744 m), Tábor (678 m), Kopanina (657 m), Medenec, Vyskeř,
Mužský, Veliš, Zebín, Hlavatice, Čeřovka, Dubecko

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