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Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
First name(s) /
Michael Hošek
Krásného 1887, 252 63 Roztoky, Czech Republic
Mobile: (+420) 724 918 198
[email protected]; [email protected]
Date of birth
Work experience
5/2014 to present
Occupation or position held
main activities and
- management of the company
- coordination as well as participation on technical tasks
Name and address of
DHP Conservation, s.r.o. (
Bělehradská 858/23, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Type of business or sector
Private business
4/2014 to present
Occupation or position held
Coordinator of the Central and Eastern Europe Section (March 2015 to present) and
Czech section (April 2014 – March 2015) of the EUROPARC Federation
main activities and
- coordination and representation of sections of the EUROPARC Federation,
- coordination of other selected international projects focused on nature conservation
Name and address of
Krkonose National Park Administration
Dobrovského 3, 54301 Vrchlabí, Czech Republic
Type of business or sector
State administration
2009 to present
Occupation or position held
Freelance Consultant
main activities and
participation on various projects as an expert on:
- comprehensive training on the EU Nature Directives implementation (Albania, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Georgia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey)
- INSPIRE implementation with focus on biodiversity data
- biodiversity monitoring and data evaluation
- preparation and implementation of protected area management plans
Name and address of
Krásného 1887, 252 63 Roztoky, Czech Republic
Type of business or sector
Private business
Occupation or position held
Director General for Nature Conservation – head of Directorate of Nature and
Landscape Protection
main activities and
- coordination of the whole portfolio of issues in nature conservation in the Czech Republic
both at strategic and managerial level
Name and address of
Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Vršovická 65, Praha 10, 100 10 Czech Republic
Type of business or sector
State administration
Occupation or position held
3/2006– /2013 – Deputy Director – head of Division of Nature and the Landscape
5/2005-2/2006 – Deputy Director for science, Statutory Representative
4/2004-3/2005 – Head of the Regional Office AOPK CR for Eastern Bohemia region
2/2002-3/2004 – Officer at the Department of Specially Protected Areas
main activities and
- coordination of the Natura 2000 network implementation at scientific and technical level in
the Czech Republic (2005-2013)
- monitoring and evaluation of status of habitats and species in entire country including
reporting under Directive 92/43/EHS (monitoring under Art. 11, reporting under Art. 17)
- Nature Conservancy Information System maintenance and development (including
physical and electronic documentation of the national nature conservation) (2005-2012)
- coordination of participation in the European Topic Centre on Biodiversity (ETC/BD) as
well as involvement in selected scientific tasks in the frame of this work (the Agency is
partner of the ETC/BD) (2005-2013)
- member of the Habitats Committee and the Coordination Group for Biodiversity and Nature
(established by the European Commission) as a representative of the Czech Republic
Name and address of
Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic
Kaplanova 1931/1, 148 00 Prague 11 - Chodov
Czech Republic
Type of business or sector
State administration
Education and
1998 - 2000
Title of qualification
Master of Science – Applied Ecology
subjects/occupational skills
Applied Ecology with respect to Revitalisation of Environment
Name and type of
organisation providing
education and training
University of Jan Evangelista Purkyne, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Department of
Natural Science
1995 - 1998
Title of qualification
subjects/occupational skills
Name and type of
organisation providing
education and training
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural
Resources, Department of Horticulture
Personal skills and
Mother tongue(s)
Other language(s)
Slovak - proficiency
English – proficiency
European level (*)
Spoken interaction
Spoken production
(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Social skills and
Organizational skills
and competences
Computer skills and
Driving licence
 team management and responsibility
 experience in couching, facilitation, teaching, and lecturing
 good communication skills and educational abilities through many activities in the Czech
republic and foreign countries
capability of leading various teams (experience from 10 years in various leading positions)
ability of independent work and ad hoc liaisoning with other team members
willingness to make decisions and to bear the responsibility for the consequences
target-oriented drive
IPMA Level C®, Certified Project Manager in preparation
 MS Offices (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.)
 GIS (ESRI products mainly)
 Category B and T
Additional information
Various engagements:
 2011 to present – elected Council member and Vice President of the EUROPARC
Federation (2014 to present), co-opted Council member of the EUROPARC Federation
representing the sections (2011-2013) as well as president of the Czech Section (2011 –
 2012 to present – Lecturer at Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, leading
seminar ´Nature Conservation in Practice´
 2012 to present – elected Council member of the International Union for Conservation of
Nature (IUCN)
 2011 to present – co-founder and Council member of the Nature Conservation Forum in
the Czech Republic (an independent communication platform gathering various experts on
 2009-2011 – member of Scientific Advisory Body for Research under the Ministry of
Education, Youth and Sports (rapporteur for projects focused on biodiversity research)
 2006 to present – member of Editorial Board of Nature Conservation Magazine
(professional magazine in the Czech Republic)
 2005 to present – member of Scientific Council of Krkonose National Park (KRNAP)
 2005 – 2006 – member of Action Commission for Water Framework Directive (2000/60/ES)
Implementation in the Czech Republic (under the Ministry of Environment)
Project references:
 Since 2014: Coordinator of the assessment of readiness of ECRAN Beneficiaries for Natura
2000 designation (under WG6); ECRAN - Environment and Climate Regional Accession
Description: Assessment of readiness of all beneficiaries (Albania, Kosovo, FYROM,
Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey) for Natura 2000 designation (i.e. from the beginning of the
process till a designation of Special Protection Areas and potential Sites of Community
 2013-2015: leader of Component 2 (Enhancing Understanding of EU Nature Legislation) in
the project Strengthening Management of Protected Areas in Georgia
Description: The main aim of the project is to support sustainable development of Georgia´s
protected areas system through combining and balancing interests of nature conservation
and protection as well as social-economic needs of local communities. The outcome of the
Component 2 is that senior staff of state administration (Ministry of the Environment and
Agency of Protected Areas), NGOs and educational institutions working in the protected
areas field are familiar with and understand the EU acquis with regard to protected areas
networks and the management of protected areas, and taking into account the related
specific engagements to be undertaken by Georgia as part of the currently signed
Association Agreement with the EU Effective mechanism in place for involvement and
consultation of local actors in preparation and implementation of management plans.
 2012 - 2013: project leader of the project supported by Czech Development Agency
´Preparation of the Management Plan for Tusheti Protected Landscape in Georgia´
Description: Project supported sustainable development of natural and historic-cultural
heritage of protected areas in Tusheti region with respect to interests of nature conservation
together with socio-economic needs of local communities. Outputs of the project primarily
include preparation and implementation of management plan and training activities
dedicated to Tusheti Protected Landscape administration staff.
 2011 – project manager of a biodiversity part in the project ´Integrating Nature & Biodiversity
and Land Use Data contracted by the European Commission (DG ENV)
Description: The contract examined how to bring existing data collections (in particular CLC,
Habitats Directive Art. 17 and LUCAS data) together, and produced a processed database
with the results and chosen biodiversity indicators based on the exploration of land use data
for biodiversity, ecosystem services and Green Infrastructure. Recommendations on
biodiversity data policy have been formulated in support of a gap analysis relevant to the EU
2020 Biodiversity Strategy. The database has been handed over to EEA. I served as a
project leader responsible for part focused on biodiversity and nature.
 February 2010: Lector at a twinning project (SR07-1B-EN-02) ´Strenghtening Administrative
Capacities for Protected Areas in Serbia (NATURA 2000)´ in Belgrade: Preparation of
guidelines for data management with a special focus on a development of nature
conservation database
 October 2009: Lector at technical meeting in frame of TAIEX (Technical Assistance
Information Exchange Instrument of the European Commission) in Croatia, Zagreb:
´Reporting obligations and EU legislation´; introducing reporting obligations under the nature
directives including system of data flow and repository on an example of the Czech Republic
 2005: leader of research project under Ministry of Environment VaV/620/20/03
´Optimalizace výsledků mapování přírodních biotopů a jejich aktuálního zastoupení na
území ČR jako předmětu ochrany v současné síti maloplošných zvláště chráněných území
v ČR“ (Optimization of the Current Network of National Small-Sized Protected Areas Based
on Results from Habitats Mapping in the Czech Republic)
Description: based on an information gained from habitat mapping layer in a period 20002005 (covering the whole country in a scale 1: 10000), all small scale protected areas were
assessed from representativeness point of view (at a site level as well as the whole
network). New amendments were proposed with the aim to improve a geographical
coherence and more systematic protection of endangered habitat types in the Czech
 2003 – AOPK CR - leader of research project under Ministry of Environment VaV/640/5/00
´Studium a ochrana dřevin´ (Study and Protection of woods)
Description: several plots restored esp. via planting tree species were selected and health
condition of seedlings was monitored using standardized methods. The aim of the project
was to select the most resistant tree species and create a list of recommended for future
restoration activities.
Selected publications:
 Hošek M, Škapec L. eds. (2012): Nature of the Czech Republic on Maps. First Edition.
Prague: Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, 2012, 36 pp. ISBN 978-8087457-37-5.
 Zedek Vlastimil, Hošek Michael, Vavřinová Jana & Sukeníková Klára (eds.), 2010: Zpráva
o naplňování Cíle 2010 v ochraně biodiverzity v ČR. 1. vydání, Praha. Ministerstvo
životního prostředí, 2010. 76 s. ISBN 978-80-7212-554-8 (MŽP), ISBN 978-80-87051-99-3
(AOPK ČR) (Evaluation of Streamlining European Biodiversity Indicators at national level in
the Czech Republic with special view to assess achievement of 2010 Goal in biodiversity
 Miko Ladislav & Hošek Michael [eds.]: Příroda a krajina České republiky. Zpráva o stavu
2009. 1. vydání. Praha. Agentura ochrany přírody a krajiny ČR, 2009. 102 s. ISBN 978-8087051-70-2. (State of Nature and the Landscape in the Czech Republic - Report 2009)
 Härtel Handrij, Lončáková Jarmila & Hošek Michael [eds.]: Mapování biotopů v České
republice. Východiska, výsledky, perspektivy. 1. vydání. Praha: Agentura ochrany přírody a
krajiny ČR, 2009. 125 s. ISBN 978-80-87051-36-8. (Habitats mapping in the Czech
Republic. Basis, results, future prospects)
Selected articles:
 Michael Hošek, Jan Dušek: Druhová ochrana potřebuje změnu – Fórum ochrany přírody
1/2015 (Species Protection Needs a Change)
 Michael Hošek, 2013: Kdy je národní park národním parkem? –Ochrana přírody 2/2013
(When the National Park Really is the National Park? The Global Protected Area
Categorisation in Practice in the Czech Republic)
 Jan Votrubec, Michael Hošek, 2009: Poskytování údajů o území v oblasti ochrany přírody
a krajiny – Ochrana přírody 3/2009 (Providing Territorial Data in Nature Conservation and
Landscape Protection)
 Hošek Michael, Zárybnický Jan, Škapec Ludvík, Chobot Karel, Zohorna Jan, 2008:
Koncepce zpřístupnění nálezových dat ochrany přírody – Ochrana přírody 6/2008 (The
National Strategy of Sharing the Data and Information from Occurrence Species Database)
 Dušek Jan, Hošek Michael & Kolářová Jana, 2007: Hodnotící zpráva o stavu z hlediska
ochrany evropsky významných druhů a typů přírodních stanovišť v České republice za
období 2004-2006 - Ochrana přírody 5/2007, Supplementum (Article 17 Report in the
Czech Republic in period 2004 – 2006)
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