Textile, shoe, electro stores solution


Textile, shoe, electro stores solution
Textile, shoe, electro
stores solution
The complex solution connecting warehouse and accounting system
with direct store sale. POHODA software is the economic system
installed on the customer‘s server or virtual server. Linking to
an establishment through VPN. Maximum supervision and
control of the establishment, including online sales
and inventory monitoring in real time.
Professional POS
• PARTNER Tech terminals
• 36 months warranty
• service over the Czech
• using quality components,
PT-6212 terminal
ELO touch screen and EPSON
Cash drawer
...and other advantages
Operator checks the chosen goods and the customer pays some payment
in advance. The terminal prints the
reservation receipt with specific barcode,
thus the goods are reserved and can not
be sold or transfered to another store. The
goods are repaid through the receipt later.
After pressing ? button is established
communication with the server. The
operator enters name, PLU or EAN of
goods and confirms the selection. The
system then searches for the number of
units of the goods is available in stock
in individual stores or in the central
Customer accounts
Becoming more used method of customer
care are customer loyalty cards. Our
terminals are equipped to receive these
types of cards. The customer may have
some percentage discount or reward.
Discounts can have a certain validity
period, it is possible to collect points or
draw other discounts or gifts after some
account spend. It is connected to the
central server POHODA software, where
data is synchronized.
Online selling
While selling goods at stores the system
immediately sends the record of every
sale to server and POHODA software
exposes warehouse issue slip. issue slips
cover store number, seller name and
date. We have an instant overview of the
warehouse states at individual stores.
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