Press Report 27 October, 2012 16th Jihlava International



Press Report 27 October, 2012 16th Jihlava International
Press Report
27 October, 2012
16th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival
The Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival knows the winners of all its competition sections.
The Closing Ceremony was, as usual, orchestrated by the theatre group Vosto5, this time with the
theme of game hunting. Among those greeted with a thundering applause were for example the
winners of the Best Czech Documentary Film Award – Klára Tasovská and Lukáš Kokeš with their film
Fortress. As a part of the Closing Ceremony, the audience could see the Czech premiere of Ai Weiwei:
Never Sorry, a much awaited hit of the Sundance Film Festival.
“I'm glad that we were able to prepare such a first-rate programme this year. Both our jurors and
audience seemed happy beyond expectation. It is a challenge for next hunt, err, year, excuse me,“
Festival Director Marek Hovorka comments, keeping with the game hunting spirit of the Closing
OPUS BONUM – Best World Documentary Film
Winner: Kuichisan (Maiko Endo)
Juror: Xavier Christiaens
Statement of the juror: “To put it simply, the Jihlava Festival has a special place in my heart. I'm here
for the 4th time, and this year I saw a new and unique alchemy between demanding and terrific
programme, put together thanks to hard work and passion of the Director of the Festival and his team,
and diverse as well as numerous audience. I felt enriched and encouraged by the dialogue among
different ways of filming. I was especially touched by Kuichisan directed by Maiko Endo. I decided to
award this film for its polyphony, magma and intuitive flow which combined with incredible sensitivity
links time perception and various ways of image making. I was charmed by magic of this film, both
vital and brave as well as effortlessly cruel. I was very alert to the director's sensitive approach. The
film consists of various materials but never fails to develop its dazzling form, which is a true artistic
CZECH JOY – Best Czech Documentary Film
Winner: Fortress (directed by: Klára Tasovská, Lukáš Kokeš)
Special Mention: Two Nil (Pavel Abrahám, Tomáš Bojar), Stone Games (Jan Gebert)
Jury: Ivan Havel, Martin Mareček, Tamara Moyzes, Vítězslav Schrek, Jiří Šmíd
Statement of the jury: “We decided to award the main prize of the Czech Joy section to the film which
sends an important message to the Czechs, even though it doesn't take place in the territory of the
Czech Republic. For thoroughness and invention of two different views on our society, we decided to
honour two films with a special mention: Two Nil by Pavel Abrám and Tomáš Bojar, and Stone Games
by Jan Gebert.“
BEETWEEN THE SEAS – Best Central and Eastern European Documentary Film
Winner: Mirage (Srdjan Keča)
Special Mention: The Blockade (Igor Bezinović)
Jury: Jeremy Orlebar, Mohammadreza Farzad, Tomáš Hrubý, Ted Grouya
Statement of the jury: „In the Between the Seas section, the jury was especially touched by two films.
We decided to give a special mention to The Blockade for its extraordinary achievement in the field of
classic observation documentary as it has been known ever since John Grierson. And the main award
goes to Mirage for its courageous and innovative approach to the art of film.“
FASCINATIONS – Best Experimental Documentary Film
Winner: undregROWTH (directed by: Robert Todd)
Jury: Petr Skala, Hana Skalová, Bohdana Kerbachová
Statement of the jury: “In his experimental film, he introduces a minimalistic story without favouring his
own view of reality. Without being pretentious, he tries to make visible that which often escapes our
senses: visual and auditory perceptions of another creature which sees a human being as no more
than a part of its environment.“
The jury also appreciated that the film, unlike most films of this particular genre, shows a certain
reluctance of the form. It makes do without traditional visual art means of experimental films,
subordinating the form to the message. Maybe because of that, the film successfully penetrates the
fascinating realm of poetry.
Audience Award: New Life of Family Album (Adam Oľha)
Vojtěch Jasný
Statement: “He has never been afraid, and in his films, whether documentary or not, he has been able
to capture authenticity of the world.“
Book: Chris Marker
The Director of AMU Press together with David Čeněk introduced a new book called Chris Marker. It is
a monograph of Chris Marker, combining original texts by David Čeněk with foreign analyses of
Marker's films and their contexts. This approach brings an innovative and unique view on Marker's
extensive work. The publication also contains two so far unpublished scripts for his imagined films Soy
Mexico a America in Wonderland. “Chris Marker himself helped with the preparation of the book, and
thanks to him, the book contains his so far most complete filmography, including unique multimedia
and Internet projects. He also contributed several insights to the overall concept of the book and
helped to clarify some details of his own work,“ said David Čeněk, the author of the book. “The
monograph by David Čeněk is unique even in a worldwide context, because of its scope – it
encompasses Marker's work as a whole – and because of its precise data and meticulous research,“
Andrea Slováková, the Director of Amu Press, added. Furthermore, Jeremy Orleabar's The Television
Handbook was launched.
“TV Botswana“ Spot
“TV Botswana“ Spot broadcasted during the Closing Ceremony of the Jihlava Festival was created as
a part of the campaign Czechia against Poverty. “This spot was shot by the foremost Czech
documentary makers Filip Remunda and Adam Ol’ha who succeeded in expressing exactly what we
had wanted to say for so long: that poverty is a relative thing,“ said Dagmar Trkalová, a coordinator of
the camping Czechia against Poverty. In this spot, correspondents of a fictitious TV Botswana come to
the Czech Republic to report back to Africa about poverty in the European sense of the word. The spot
can be seen at
Filip Kršiak
[email protected]
Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Ji.hlava / Jihlava International
Documentary Film Festival
Festival podpořili / Festival Supported By:
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Media Programme
Kraj Vysočina / Vysočina Region
Mezinárodní visegrádský fond / International Visegrad Fund
Státní fond kultury ČR / State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic
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Evropský parlament Informační kancelář v ČR / European Parliament Information Office in
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