Alfa Finance Document Check List


Alfa Finance Document Check List
Alfa Finance Document Check List
Your Alfa Finance representative will go through the check list below explaining clearly what documents are needed to get the
process started and ensure your financial requirements have the best possible results.
If you are unclear with any of the requirements selected below, please contact one of our friendly Alfa Finance employees and we will be
more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.
Proof of identity. Copy of photo ID, eg Drivers licence or Passport. Proof of Permanent Residency for First Home Owners
Grant, eg Passport, Permanent Residency Visa, or Birth Certificate. If ID is in different name to loan application, then
marriage / divorce / change of name certificate required
Letter from Employer confirming type of employment (full time, part time, casual etc) and length of time of employment /
commencement date
Last 3 recent pay slips
Last group certificate / payment summary
Tax assessment notices
Last two years company/ business/ partnership financials and tax returns plus personal tax returns
Details of Business / Trading name and ABN
Centrelink letter confirming income received
Bank statements for the last 3 months showing savings history / income payments
Copy of current personal loan / car loan / hire purchase loan contracts confirming current repayments
Latest credit card and store account statements
Loan statements for last 6 months for current mortgage
Copy of rates notice or certificate of title to confirm property ownership
Copy of contract of sale for new property or land purchase
Copy of building contract, plans, and specifications for construction
Copy of receipts showing deposits already paid
First Home Owners Grant application form
Valuation fee for $ payable to
Statutory declaration to confirm any lump sum deposits made into bank accounts
Confirmation of rental income received via copy of lease agreement or property managers statement
Confirmation of amount of rent paid via copy of lease agreement or property managers statement
Most recent Superannuation / Life & disability insurance statements
Important Note: Some Lenders Require a savings history to
be shown right up to the time the loan is to be approved. It is
therefore important to keep saving, and not to make any major
purchases which may affect your bank account balance. Also do
not take out any loans or enter into any credit contracts until your
loan has been approved.
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