Educational plan Little Monkeys


Educational plan Little Monkeys
Educational plan Dragons
Our body, Healthy habbits and manners around food, Occupations, Habitats
Our bodies and physical features: Parts of the bodies plus associated verbs, parts of
the face and hair types, describing physionomy (fat, slim, pretty, ugly, friendly looking,
unfriendly looking)
Healthy habits and manners around food: Introduction to food groups and the food
pyramid, manners at the table (how to sit, how to lay the table, how to clear it, rules),
organising the fridge for better hygiene, How to order food from the restaurant (polite
forms plus please, no thank you ...)
Occupations: Who works where? Do you know what your mummy and daddy do? What is
your dream occupation? Insight into some funny professions such as tree surgeons,
goldsmiths, taylors...
Habitats: different types of housing, for people in the city, in the country, for animals
(den, nests, cave), where do you prefer to live? And why?
Songs and Rhymes:
Everybody has a body
I see the people in my town by Peter Whetherall
describing photos of people using he/she and his/her. Using pictures of
Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings character and have the children sort who looks friendly
and evil. Ordering food role play
Arts and Crafts:
Painting with different body parts, the perfect table collage design, can you be a
goldsmith? Children create a piece of jewlery with simple raw material and fimo. Shoe
box house and garden – create the house and garden of your dream.
Class project:
Big dragon body class poster with labels. Making a house in the garden/forest with
special features using branches, leaves, stones and clay modelling
Literacy and Numeracy:
Letters B, C, D
Smaller and bigger sign
Recognising numbers to 30
Educational plan Raccoons
Week 1: Body Parts/ manners & hygiene revision
Key Vocabulary: head, eyes, nose, mouth, neck, arms, legs, knees, feet
Key Phrases: “Can I go…?”
“I need to…”
“Can you help me…”
Songs/ Rhymes:
“Head, Shoulders…”
“My Whole Body Can Move”
Art/ Activities:
Mixed media face portraits
Simon Says and other physical response games
Our own hand & footprints with paint; size sorting and comparison
Week 2: Healthy Food, Drink, and Restaurant manners
Key Vocabulary: taste, sweet, salty, drink, plate, fork & knife, napkin, restaurant
Key Phrases: “Can I have…?”
“I would like…”
“This tastes…”
Songs/ Rhymes:
Revision of story book ‘No, David’
“Manners” Cathy Bollinger
Art /Activities:
Making our own menu of our favorite foods
Dramatic play with menu, practicing key phrases
Magazine clippings of food we see
Week 3: “What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?”
Key Vocabulary: firefighter, policeman, astronaut, postman, doctor, dentist, work
Key Phrases: “What does he/she do?”
Songs/ Rhymes:
“The Postman Brings the Mail”
Art/ Activities:
Health care prop box dramatic play
Making our own “stethoscopes” out of plastic cups/ listening to our heart beats
Week 4: Our Homes
Key Vocabulary: house, home, rooms, window, door, bed, chimney, city, village, upstairs,
Key Phrases: “I live…”
“Where do you live?”
Songs/ Rhymes/ Stories:
“The Three Little Pigs”
“House Song” Peter Weatherall
Art/ Activities:
Building our own city and village with foam blocks
Popsicle stick houses
Comparing pictures of Prague (city) with other villages and towns
Educational plan Little Monkeys
Main topics: My body, my favourite food, occupations, my
Color of the month:
Revision of:
basic colors, shapes
counting up to 10
Shape of the month:
phrases: How are you? Hello, Good bye, I am...., I like..., I don´t like...
weather: sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy
songs: Weather song, Days of the week, Months of the year, If you are happy,
verbs: to walk, to run, to eat
New vocabulary:
nouns: names of body parts (head, hands, feet etc.), food (pizza, spaghetti, cake, bread,
meet, etc.),
occupations (a doctor, a fireman, a chef etc.), rooms and furniture (bedroom,
kitchen, chair, table, bed etc.), animal homes ( nest, beehive etc.)
verbs: to sit, to cook, to sleep,
phrases: What do you do? Where is...?
adverbs: left, right, front, back, in, out
adjectives: big, small, tall, tired, hungry, sweet, salty, yummy, yacky
Songs and rhymes:
Head, shoulders knees and toes ( )
Hokey, pokey ( )
Wind the bobbin up ( )
Hello, hello ( )
Three little pigs
The crow and the fox
The very hungry catepillar
Sensory bins and trays – playing with rice, pasta, beans, ladels, spoons, forks etc.
Food lotto and memory games
Drama play – how do we clean, make our bed, cook, table setting
Playing basic musical instruments
Body parts puzzles, body parts measuring
Sorting beans, pasta etc.
Arts and crafts:
Pasta collage
Magazine pictures body collage
Magazine pictures lunch box collage
Pom pom ice cream
Playdough sculptures
Pasta catepillar necklace
Class project:
Hand and foot printed monsters poster
Předškoláci – zvířátka a zimní spánek, materiály
Pranostika: Svatý Martin příjíždí na bílém koni
Významné dny v listopadu:
11. listopad – Svatý Martin
13. listopad – Mezinárodní den nevidomých
16. listopad – Den poezie
28. listopad – Den díkůvzdání
7. 11. Zvířátka, která v zimě nepotkáme, písmenko/hláska „C“
Rozcvička: Zahradník jde do zahrady,
s listím si však neví rady,
my mu ale ukážeme,
hrabat listí dokážeme,
nahrabem ho na hromady,
my si víme s listím rady.
Pracovní listy: Koho nepotkáš, Zvířecí stíny,
Logico piccolo: Skrývačky
14. 11. Zvířátka, která v zimě nepotkáme
Rozcvička: Na zahradě u babičky,
půjčila jsem si hrabičky,
hrabu tam a zase zpátky,
hrabu listí na hromádky,
foukne vítr – fíííííííí, co se stane?
Listí je zas rozfoukané.
Pracovní listy: Ježek v bludišti, Domaluj sovu + rozvoj logického myšlení
21. 11. Materiály, písmenko/hláska „S“
Rozcvička: Řežu dříví na polínka,
ať má čím topit maminka.
Řízy, řízy, řízy,
dříví z bílé břízy
Pracovní listy: Co je ze dřeva, co je z textilu? Z čeho se vyrábí...? + budeme stavět ze zápalek tvary dle
28. 11. Materiály, písmenko/hláska „Z“
Rozcvička: Střecha to je klobouk domu,
ještě komín patří k tomu.
Protože dům bez střechy,
moh´ by dělat neplechy.
Pracovní listy: Cihly, Vláček s uhlím + budeme stavět z kostek dle stavebního plánu