L`atelier des Traversées Baroques


L`atelier des Traversées Baroques
Dílna starých dechových nástrojů, s lektorkou Judith Pacquier
plné - 60 euro
snížené - 30 euro (studenti)
Strava a ubytování nejsou zahrnuty v ceně.
Informace/ Reservace
Přihlášku můžete zaslat poštou na tuto adresu : Trubiroh o.s.
Kandertova 1 5, 1 80 00 Praha nebo elektronicky na :
[email protected]
Pitch/ ladění 440Hz
Normal - 60 euro
reduced - 30 euro (students)
A workshop opened to any musician who would
like to play ensemble music from 1 6th - 1 7th
century : Gabrieli, Massaino, Cavalli…
All coming from this period named
beginning of baroque era !
Dílna je otevřená všem hudebníkům, kteří by si
rádi zahráli hudbu autorů z 1 6. a 1 7. století,
Gabrielliho, Massaina, Cavalliho...
L'atelier des Traversées
Board and lodging are not included in the price. Pribram is a
town located in Central Bohemia Region, 54Km from Praha.
possibility of travels organization each day at the end of the
Information / Reservation
Please send this application to : Trubiroh o.s. Kandertova 1 5, 1 80
00 Praha or by email at [email protected]
Workshop for early wind instruments
Dílna starých dechových nástrojů
s lektorkou Judith Pacquier
Judith Pacquier
ve dnech 24. - 26. října / october 201 5
ZUŠ PŘÍBRAM I / Central Bohemia
Pour une aventure musicale hors des sentiers battus…
Dílna, kterou připravilo sdružení «Traversées Baroques» má
především sloužit k předávání znalostí. Hodiny jsou otevřené
všem hudebníkům, amatérům i profesionálům. Studium
dobových nástrojů a hra na ně nabízí vhled do určitého
hudebního období a pomáhá k znovuobjevení zapomenutého
dědictví hudební praxe počátku 1 7. století. Program dílny
prozrazuje významný vliv italské hudby na hudbu po celé
V pondělí 26.1 0. v 1 7h se v kostele na Březových Horách
uskuteční malý koncert, spojený s představením nástrojů.
Dílna je otevřená cinkistům v individuálních hodinách, nabízí
i hraní v souboru. Vítáni jsou zpěváci i další nástroje :
dulciany, sackbuty, flétny, loutny, housle, gamby...
The workshop presented by the «Traversées Baroques» is first
of all a different way of passing on knowledge. The classes are
open to all musicians, both amateur and professional. They
offer an approach to a serious study of ancient instruments in
order to open the horizon on a precise musical period and to
re-discover the forgotten heritage of beginning 1 7th century.
The scheduled program will focus on the European music of
the 1 7th century. It demonstrates the great influence that the
Italian music exerted on the whole of Europe at the time.
A little concert/presentation will take place on Monday 26th
This workshop is opened to cornetts for individual and
ensemble lessons, all other instruments wishing to join in are
welcome : singers, curtails, lutes, violins, viols, etc..
The ensemble Les Traversées Baroques was founded in 2008,
and at once defined its project as one of exchange and
discovery. Reflecting the original meaning of the term barroco
(an irregularly shaped pearl), Judith Pacquier (artistic director)
and Étienne Meyer (musical director) present all the
sinuosities and asperities of the early Baroque era in their
programmes. Right from the start, their project was conceived
on a European scale: through contact with young musicians
and musicologists striving to remedy the Czech Republic’s
isolation on the early music scene and its all too long neglect
of a forgotten musical past in the Baroque period,
they realised the necessity of creating an ensemble of this
kind, dedicated first and foremost to the seventeenth-century
repertoire of Central and Eastern Europe. Thus the first
programmes of Les Traversées Baroques were created,
breathing new life into the captivating works which lay
dormant in the archives of Poland and the Czech Republic
especially. A genuine recording strategy was set up to focus on
the Polish repertory, in partnership with the label K61 7 and
the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. As a ‘Regional Baroque
Ensemble’ in residence at the Opéra de Dijon since April 201 3,
Les Traversées Baroques has developed new and original
programmes. These programmes are taken on tour to national
and international festivals, and can involve from three to fifty
musicians as required by the music. Les Traversées Baroques
has also turned its attention to opera, with a reconstruction of
the intermedi of La Pellegrina and, next year, Orfeo by Claudio
The ensemble Les Traversées Baroques receives support from the French Ministry of
Culture (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles) as an ensemble musical et
Jméno / Name :
Příjmení: / surname :
Bydliště / address :
PSČ / CP :
Město / town :
Email :
Nástroj :
Úroveň :
vocal conventionné, the City of Dijon, the Conseil Départemental de Côte d’Or, the
Région Bourgogne, and culture.pl
Podpis / signature :
Judith Pacquier
After studying the recorder, analysis, and music history, Judith
Pacquier soon devoted her activities to her instrument of choice,
the cornett. She studied with William Dongois and Jean-Pierre
Canihac, in whose class at the CNSMD de Lyon she obtained her
DNESM in 2001 . She now enjoys a career as a prominent
instrumentalist with many ensembles in concert and on record.
A passionate advocate of educational and outreach activities,
she was from 2000 to 201 3 director of Le Conservatoire
Itinérant, an innovative project presented by Les Chemins du
Baroque au Nouveau Monde. Backed up by a flexibly sized
educational team, she contributed to the development and
dissemination of the practice of early music throughout Latin
America, notably in Cuba, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru,
Colombia, and Ecuador. This experience has earned her regular
invitations to give masterclasses on the cornett, improvisation,
and ensemble performance. She is professor of cornett in the
Early Music department of the Tours Conservatoire (CRR).
Conditions of application and cancellation
The organiser reserves all the right to cancel the workshop or its
part in case of unavaibility of a teacher or an insufficient number
of applicants. The tuition paid will be sent back to the applicant.
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