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Company profile
Global solutions on the field of security systems,
weak any heavy current installations, BMS and IT
Company profile
Dear Clients and Trading Partners,
Let me introduce to you a company whose name over the years has become synonymous with stability and prosperity. Colsys is
a company with more than 20 years of experience on the market and is well-established among its customers as a reliable partner.
Thanks to the company's skilled management, its size, experience and economic strength, we can afford to keep developing our
services, products and teams, as we know that investments in development and education together with professional levels of
quality are one of the core requirements for successful business in today's harsh competitive environment on the Czech and foreign
I am always open to new ideas and challenges, and I know that the main value of our work is the relationship of our customers and
partners to the company and their conviction that our products and services always deliver excellent quality.
Thank you for your interest in our company.
Warm regards,
Ing. Jiří Marešovský, CEO
Company profile
We are a leading supplier and systems integrator of security, weak current
and communication technology, heavy current and control systems.
Electrical installations:
Weak current and security systems
ICT systems
Heavy current installations
Control systems
Complex deliveries:
Technological deliveries for buildings
(mechanical and electrical systems)
Related construction work
Delivery and implementation
of various and special technology
Systems integration
Products and services:
Proprietary and special products
Project design and studies
About us ...
Founded in November 1990, our company has a successful history
of more than 20 years. In 1999 the company received investments from
abroad and gradually became part of the international Zenitel group.
A major change occurred in 2007 when 100% of foreign capital was sold;
Colsys returned to its original name and once again became a purely
Czech enterprise.
We aim to remain a stable company and a reliable partner while maintaining and expanding our share of the market. Our commitment to
stability and quality of service leads us to focus considerable efforts on
developing the portfolio of offered products or extending current ones, as
well as looking for new markets.
Complex Supplier
The services we offer include consulting, analysing the current state and
needs of individual companies and investors, planning including the
design of a solution system, project drafting, delivery and implementation
as well as maintenance and servicing of supplied equipment.
Electrical Installation
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of low-voltage and security systems,
measuring and regulation. In recent years, our projects have often also
covered the supply of ICT systems, as their use is becoming increasingly
common in most of the fields we work in. To the demanding customers of
today, we can offer more: a com-prehensive delivery that does not rely on
other subcontractors. A significant proportion of the solutions we provide
are heavy current and warning and notification systems.
Technology Partner
Many years of experience together with technology and skill development
in the company position Colsys as a partner for comprehensive deliveries
of technology for construction projects in larger investment blocks and
a general supplier in smaller and larger renovations.
Complex Deliveries
Our main task is business implementation and the management of
projects in which we are general contractors or suppliers of comprehensive technology solutions. For investors, our company's role as a
general supplier of complex solutions primarily means dealing with
a single partner who can guarantee the delivery of high quality and
professional work in supplying and integrating technology while
focusing on cost efficiency. The unique advantage and strength of a
general partner stems from years of experience from successful
technologically demanding and time-consuming projects, financial
stability and the backing of the company or our experienced and
motivated team with many high quality and trusted partners and
Products and Services
Making and developing our own products such as the Colnod access
system, the MrGuard integration software layer and the VideoGuard
smart video detection system allow us to offer our clients custom-built
solutions and to deliver specific modifications and adjustments. Together
with special security systems such as the car underframe scanner,
detector of hidden persons in vehicles or warning and public
announcement systems, our products allow us to offer much more than
most installation companies and system integrators.
Our project centre has offered comprehensive services in project design
and engineering since 1991. We collaborate with many major architecture
studios. Our clients can order projects of security systems, low-voltage
systems, high-voltage equipment distribution, transformer stations,
backup power sources, high and low voltage equipment bypasses and
measurement and regulation projects. We provide full project
documentation in all stages of building design, from initial consultations
and studies to the documentation of actual construction.
Regular preventive inspections and revisions of installed systems and
repairs is the task of our service division. Our service dispatch provides
high quality, fast repair services 24/7. To accelerate response time, our
service centre keeps common replacement parts and most important
elements in stock.
National bodies
Senate of the Czech Republic // Parliament of the Czech Republic // Prague Castle // Ministry of Justice // Prison Service // Czech Army // Ministry of Foreign Affairs
// Philharmonic Orchestra of Hradec Králové
Local government
Administrative Centre of the Hradec Králové region // Warning and Information System, Podralsko Microregion // Warning and Information System, Hranice
// Warning and Information System, Zlín Region // Information System of Public Transport in České BudějoviceCzech National Bank
Financial sector
Czech National Bank // UniCredit Bank // Komerční banka // Raiffeisen Bank // Česká spořitelna
Business and administrative centres
BBC Filadelfie // Galerie Harfa // OFFICE PARK C Nové Butovice // Plaza Liberec // Prague Gate // Západní město
// Florentinum // KOC Nový Smíchov
Metro // Air Navigation Services // Blanka Tunnel // Václav Havel Airport // Transport Company of the Capital of Prague
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Logistics centres
Lovosice Logistics Centre // ČEROZFRUCHT Nehvizdy // SANITAS Říčany
Medical services
Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic // Na Homolce Hospital // Benešov Hospital // Karlovy Vary Hospital
Kladno Hospital // Kolín Hospital // Žatec Hospital // Sněženková Home for the Elderly // Střešovice Central Military Hospital
// DPS Hradišťská, Plzeň // Motol University Hospital // Jedličkův ústav // Asklepion Clinic // LDN Vršovice Hospice
Czech Technical University // University of Economics Prague // Czech University of Life Sciences
// J. E. Purkyně University // Benito Juárez Primary School // Broumovská Primary School, Liberec
// Dědina Primary SchoolSazka Arena
Complex deliveries
Philharmonic Orchestra of Hradec Králové // Czech Technical University // Administrative Centre of the Hradec Králové Region
// Czech University of Life Sciences
Sazka Arena
Colsys s.r.o.
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Czech Republic
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Colsys s.r.o.
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